Local artists inspire Philadelphia’s youth at Aspiring Young Artists

Aspiring Young Artist | photo by Richard Sanders | courtesy of Aspiring Young Artists

The city of Philadelphia has a very incredibly vibrant music scene and a rich music history that spans genres. But imagine if those two intangible things could become more of a direct resource for the adolescents of the city who are in school and have a passion for creating music. That’s where Aspiring Young Artists steps in.

While most schools can only advocate for more funding so they don’t have to make really hard choices, like cutting out art programs because of lack of funds, AYA cuts out the middle man and connects North Philadelphia students from schools like Youth Build Philadelphia, Kensington CAPA and Olney Charter High School with local artists who teach them how to compose their own music and expose them to the beautiful things that are happening in their hometown’s music scene.

Recently I was able to sit with AYA’s founder Ricky Strickler about how the music programs and the local artists that lead them have made an impact on its students. Continue reading →


Listen to Rolled Gold and NO Headliner team up in new single “The Field”

nite owls
Rolled Gold | Photo courtesy of the artist

On July 4th, Philadelphia hip-hop producer and beat-maker Rolled Gold dropped a fire single featuring a collaboration with fellow Philly-based hip-hop duo NO Headliner (Jeide Eighttrack and Kaang Grooviin). “The Field” is the first single released from Rolled Gold’s upcoming EP, and according to a post on his Facebook page inspiration for the track was “sparked from an improv singing session I did with the one and only El Boogie, I created the beat and eventually linked up with Jeide Eighttrack and Kaang Grooviin, who delivered powerfully poetic verses to help bring the music to life.” The track artwork was created by Rolled Gold’s father. Continue reading →