Tonight’s Concert Picks: Heyward Howkins at Ortlieb’s, Northern Valentine at Random Tea Room, River City Extension at TLA

howkins-2Folk singer/songwriter Heyward Howkins plays Ortlieb’s Lounge tonight. Howkins released a single in December 2012, entitled “Praline Country“, as well as his debut full length The Hale & Hearty in June 2012. Go here to watch a video of Hawkins playing his song “Flimsy Stock”. Tickets and information for the 21+ show with Break It Up, Dreambook and Taggart can be found here. Below, enjoy the music video for “Sugar Sand Stitched Lip” off of Howkins’ album The Hale & Hearty.

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Tonight’s Concert Pick: Midair + Northern Valentine at Danger Danger Gallery

To say that Roanoke, VA’s Midair owes a good deal of debt to ’80s and ’90s indie-rock legends such as Slint and June Of 44 would be an understatement. Instrumental tracks such as “Mister” and “Catspaw”—with their constant shifts and mathy, post-rock-inspired guitars—would feel right at home on Spiderland or Tropics And Meridians. Fifteen years ago, when such music was an indie-rock norm, seeing a band like Midair on a show’s bill would probably produce a few eye rolls. These days, though, it’s a pleasant (and harmless) throwback that will likely induce more feelings of nostalgia than tedium. Local husband-and-wife ambient drone duo Northern Valentine opens. Midair performs with Northern Valentine and Angel Ocana at 8 p.m. at Danger Danger Gallery; tickets to the all-ages show are $5-$10.