Merry Christmas: Enjoy the best version of “Jingle Bells/Inna Gadda Da Vida/Paint It Black” you’ll ever hear

He 5 album cover via

Merry Christmas from The Key and WXPN. Hope your day is a wonderful one. We’d like to share this epic Christmas nugget that we discovered at the Now-Again Records web site. It’s by a Korean psychedelic rock band from the Sixties called He 5. It does indeed start with “Jingle Bells,” then turns into a soaring psychedelic cover of the Iron Butterfly’s greatest song, then “Paint It Black,” then settles back in to the holiday spirit. Now-Again is a Los Angeles based label that specializes in R&B, soul, psychedelic, and world class world music reissues; you can read about the record here, download it here, or below.

(via Now-Again)