Meet Philadelphia Grand Jury

Ok. So we’ll admit right up front that Philadelphia Grand Jury are not actually from Philadelphia. We applaud the slightly underhanded manner by which they attempted – and succeeded – to get some coverage here on our local music site. But with a name so brilliant, and more than a handful of deliciously poppy songs we had to give these guys a shout out. PGJ are from Sydney, Australia. Joel “MC Bad Genius” Beeson plays bass, keyboard and guitar, Simon “Berkfinger” Berckelman sings and plays guitar. A variety of drummers have provided the beats since the band formed a couple of years ago, even though the guys have been making music together since in 2001. Current drummer calls herself Susie Dreamboat. The “Philly Jays” as they’re lovingly referred to by their fans, are on their way to the States to play the CMJ Music Marathon festival in NYC. Below is a rawkous cover of the Jay-Z classic “99 Problems” and a video that showcases the melodic pulse of their power pop hearts.