Folk Evaluation presents a Twilight Nuages listening party at the Philadelphia Record Exchange on 4/26

Folk Evaluation will celebrate the reissue of enigmatic Connecticut group Twilight Nuages’ “seldom seen but highly sought-after” one-off album with a listening party at the Philadelphia Record Exchange on Saturday, April 26th.  The release marks Folk Evaluation’s second reissue following last year’s rediscovery of a 1972 Hoi’ Polloi LP.

In 1977 High school music teacher Bill Last, who will be in attendance at the listening party, gathered together talented students and friends to record an album that explores all corners of pop in a home-recording / DIY experiment.  from Folk Evaluation:

The eight-piece-strong band recorded live in Bill’s parents’ basement straight to 1/4″ stereo tape with no overdubs whatsoever, and the end result will leave even the most jaded of listeners with their jaws hanging in disbelief. From sunshine pop to country swing to devastatingly sincere piano ballads, the amount of heart and pop ingenuity on display is simply staggering Imagine if the kids from the Langley Schools Music Project grew up to be in the Olivia Tremor Control and you’re part way there.

The reissue features a deluxe edition distributed by Light in the Attic Records and was released on Tuesday, April 22nd.  More information for the event can be found on Facebook here, and you can here a clip of the record in the trailer below.


Bang your head to Spacin’ with Harmonica Dan in the video for “Sunshine, No Shoes”

Shouts to The Deli for alerting us to this fun new video from Spacin‘. If you’re not familiar, the fuzzy garage-rock thrashers (which include Mike Polizze of Purling Hiss) dropped an excellent LP, Deep Thuds, on Richie Records earlier this year. [correction: Mike Polizze played in an early incarnation of Spacin', but as Richie Charles of Richie Records put it, "he's got his plate full with the Hiss!"] This knockabout anthem “Sunshine, No Shoes” comes from it, and in this video, we pretty much see “Harmonica” Dan Balcer of the Philadelphia Record Exchange hanging out in his store wearing a Mountain t-shirt, sipping a lager, banging his head and playing air guitar. Check it out below, and join him if you feel so inclined.