DJ Jazzy Jeff challenged a world-class team of artists to create Chasing Goosebumps in a week, and they delivered

DJ Jazzy Jeff | photo by John Vettese for WXPN
DJ Jazzy Jeff | photo by John Vettese for WXPN

“You put creative people in the room and I’ma show you what can happen…” – DJ Jazzy Jeff

For the past few years, Philadelphia music ambassador DJ Jazzy Jeff has hosted a gathering at his Wilmington-area home called the PLAYlist Retreat. Utilizing his influence as a respected, world-class DJ, Jeff calls together an all-star cadre of some of the world’s finest musicians, producers, DJs and songwriters for a weekend of music making and sharing knowledge. For this year’s edition of the Retreat, Jeff presented the team with a heavy task; to compose, produce, mix, master and release a full-length album in seven days. If that weren’t interesting enough, there’s a twist; a crew would film the entire process and broadcast it live via social media, allowing fans an insider’s “fly-on-the-wall” look into the creative process.

Loose jam sessions evolved into fully realized songs, recording and mixing sessions, downtime conversations about music and life, and viewers were there every step of the way. By the time the album was completed, an entire community of music lovers had blossomed around the project. With a cast of players that includes singer-songwriter Glenn Lewis, The Roots’ James Poyser, DJ Rich Medina, rapper Dayne Jordan, hip-hop / soul wunderkind Stro Elliot and more, the music on Chasing Goosebumps is soulful, evocative and timely. It hits at both the new ways in which contemporary music can be made while reflecting the message of self-determination, love and community, that we need. Continue reading →


Houston, We Have a Playlist: Two hours of music for the Perseid Meteor Shower this weekend

4K 2015 Perseid Meteor Shower, Yosemite National Park by Jeremy Evans | Screen Shot
4K 2015 Perseid Meteor Shower, Yosemite National Park by Jeremy Evans | Screen Shot

There was a reason space music was created. It was so you’d have a soundtrack for watching things like the Perseid Meteor shower, the annual storm of light streaking across the sky caused by debris falling off the Swift-Tuttle Comet, discovered back in 1862. This year NASA estimates a whopping 160 to 200 meteor hits an hour, which might be more than a Pink Floyd Laser show! Normally this shower has between 80 and 100 per hour, as seen in the time lapse capture from 2015 below. The best views this year will be Thursday night into Friday morning and Friday night through Saturday morning. Continue reading →


Songs In The Key of Philly Playlist

SongsInTheKeyOfPhilly2What you are listening to here is Songs In The Key Of Philly, a looping channel or “stream” of music. When the stream of music popped up you may have noticed it was in the middle of the song. The reason for this is that the Digital Millenium Copyright Act which regulates internet webcasting specifies various compliance statutes related to streaming music on the internet. One of these is that this stream of music is only available as a looped archive. You will not be able to fast forward or find specific songs; you will however be able to kick back, turn up the volume and enjoy the music as it plays! The list of songs on Songs In The Key Or Philly includes:

“McShred” – McRad
“Hang On” – Illinois
“PSK What Does It Mean? – Schoolly-D
“You” – Ben Arnold
“Hero In Me” – Jeffrey Gaines
“I Ain’t Searchin'” – The American Dream
“Hanging On A Heartbeat” – The Hooters
“Arms Of A Woman” – Amos Lee
“97 Miles” – Go To Blazes
“Taking It Over” – The Interpreters
“Be My Love” – Mario Lanza
“Love Train” – The O’Jays
“Your Love Is Good” – Bunny Sigler
“The Twist” – Chubby Checker
“Sharon” by David Bromberg
“Mashed Potato Time” – Dee Dee Sharp
“Venus” – Frankie Avalon
“At the Top of the Stairs” – The Formations
“Cowboys To Girls” – The Intruders
“Betcha By Golly, Wow” – The Stylistics
“Ship Of The Future” – Edison Electric Band
“Boogaloo Down Broadway” – The Fantastic Johnny C
“Wildwood Days” – Bobby Rydell
“Bristol Stomp” – The Dovells
“South Street” – The Orlons
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