Philly meets San Francisco on SPORTS / Plush split

SPORTS | photo via

We never had any doubt that Philly-via-Ohio punks SPORTS are, as their Twitter handle indicates, the best band called Sports, and their latest release only makes us more thankful to have them as a part of the Philly scene.

SPORTS teamed up with San Francisco’s Plush for a 7″ split, out now via Father/Daughter Records, and it flawlessly accomplishes what the best splits set out to do — bringing together two bands that pair comfortably but are sonically different enough to make a well-balanced sampling of really great tunes. And while SPORTS are pretty familiar around these parts by now, having recently joined us for a Key Studio Session, the split provides a welcome introduction to West-Coasters Plush, whose measured and melodic tones round out the split with the 6-minute track “50/50 20/20.” Continue reading →


SPORTS returns with a raging, live-wire party in new track, “Making It Right”

Sports | photo via artist’s Facebook page

As my self-sabotaging, Cleveland Browns fans of a family gear up for another depressing football season, I’ll be over here taking part in a much more delightful and spunky kind of sports. I’m talking about the simply-named-yet-also-confusing-because-of-the-simplicity-of-the-naming band: the Philly DIY four-piece, SPORTS. Continue reading →