The Key Studio Sessions: Prowler

If math and memory serves, postmodern funk punks Prowler are the first Philadelphia band to visit WXPN on three separate occasions over the years to record a studio session with me. Of course, in their trademark mix of cockiness and self-depreciation, they shrug that off. When I recently showed the band its original signature on our studio wall, guitarist Ryan Kerrigan looked at the tags of his local peers surrounding it and concluded that many artists making the scene in 2008 have since broken up. Prowler, on the other hand, kept on keeping on.

In 2008, pork pie hats and LCD Soundsystem were all the range, and the band brought us a fierce, crisp and disco-fied set from its En Garde! EP. They hung multicolored lights from the rafters in our production studio and rocked a party for myself and my co-host Jake Rabid. Flash forward several years and the terra firma had shifted – indie rock was becoming scuzzier, less shiny. Their Wooly Mammoth EP reflected this change, and a session in our large performance space (also disco ball’d up) had teeth (tusks?) in a way that its predecessor did not.

Along the way, the band shared the stage with V.V. Brown and Janelle Monae, collab’d with Reef the Lost Cauze and Plastic Little, and dished a steady string of singles and EPs, its preferred medium. The latest one, a cassette release called Trash Bag, finds Prowler at its most unguarded and experimental. Continue reading →

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Philly funksters Prowler get animated in the trippy “Blood Boil” video

Photo courtesy of artist
Photo courtesy of artist

Philly funk band Prowler are back with a trippy video for their song “Blood Boil”, their newest single. Three years ago, the quartet did a Key Studios Session. The band is known to make off-kilter, darkly humorous videos, starting with “100 Rounds”,  “Skinny Bones” and “Hot Led”. A few months ago, they released the aptly titled “Creepy Crickets”.

Their newest video has a similar sound, a darker, more metallic edge of “Creepy Crickets” but its creepiness comes in an animated variety, courtesy of Daniel McCartney. In between seeing a lion getting beat up, the yeti getting smashed and a gorilla, the band members heads roll around in boiling blood. The video ends with a classic shot of a melting painting, reminiscent of Dali. In addition to the new song and video, the band released a short, slightly eerie ad with Jump Magazine and Red Bull Sound Select about their upcoming show. Watch “Blood Boil” below. Catch Prowler with Spunk and Mumblr Saturday July 19th at Undergound Arts.


Prowler gets strange and dark with new video “Creepy Crickets”


Punk / funk / disco band Prowler have channeled their inner demons in their new video for the track “Creepy Crickets.” An “ode to the dark forces,” the video features the band done up zombie-like in a dark, smoke-filled cellar, playing thrashing guitar riffs with incredible power. The song itself has a heavier, metal vibe compared to the band’s more playful early work. Lead singer Keith Greiman oozes around the room in a way that is, really, just creepy. Check out the full video, directed by Lord Humungus, below.

Prowler – Creepy Crickets from Adam Carlton Carrigan on Vimeo.


Before the Bridge Music Festival celebrates local music on 10/13

Now in its third year, Before the Bridge Festival returns to Collingswood, NJ on Saturday, October 13th for a day full of free music, local food and of course fun.  The festival promotes the local music scene in and around Collingswood, NJ – a.k.a. the towns you pass through before crossing the Ben Franklin Bridge into Philadelphia.  This year’s line-up has reached a record number of performers and includes local musicans JJL (Jay Laughlin’s new project), Sweatheart, Goodnight Lights, Prowler, Heyward Howkins, BelgradeMonko and She Hates Me.  Out-of-town acts include Gunfight! and headliners Illinois.  The festival will take place from 1:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. between Haddon Avenue and Woodlawn Avenue.  The event is free; go here for more information.  Below, watch Heyward Howkins perform “The Hale & the Harty” outdoors in South Jersey and grab a free download of a song from Illinois’ new album Lemonade Stand after the jump.

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Just Announced: Prowler throwing an EP release party at Johnny Brenda’s on 10/13

Local dance-rockers Prowler have a big night planned for Johnny Brenda’s on October 13th.  The band will be releasing their new EP Y’all Don’t Know at a show that “will surely be the last time Prowler rears it’s ugly head for quite some time” so now’s your chance to get in on the action.  Also playing will be Sunny Ali & the Kid, Busses and DJ Jeffrey of The Magic Message.

The band recently posted a couple of cover tracks on their Bandcamp, collectively titled We Can Do it Too, which you can download for free.  Stream their take on INXS’ “I Need You Tonight” and The Stooges’ “I Wanna Be Your Dog” below.


Tonight’s Concert Picks: Shonen Knife, Givers, Freedy Johnston, Pomegranates

Sure, it’s a bummer that both nights of Sigur Ros are sold out. But are you gonna go cry about it? No. You’re gonna rock, because it’s Sunday and that’s what it’s all about.

First off, you can fill that Icelandic gap with some Japanese pop-rock goodness from girl group legends Shonen Knife, playing with Chicago rockers White Mystery at the Levitt Pavilion Steelstacks in Bethlehem, PA. Through years of performing and several changes in line-up, the group has maintained and perfected a poppy DIY aesthete that is at once shiny and grungy. If ever there was pop-punk worth listening to, this is it. The show starts at 9 and tickets are available at the door. Below, watch the video for “Pop Tune,” the title track from Shonen Knife’s latest album.

Or if you’re not so hype on the rock tunes, try Louisiana art-folk outfit Givers. They’re playing Union Transfer with Jersey electro post-rock group Delicate Steve, who just released Positive Force, their sophomore album. The show starts at 8:30, with tickets available for $15 here. Below, watch Givers perform their song “Atlantic” from their new album In Light.

Singer-songwriter Freedy Johnston will play a show tonight at World Cafe Live. He’ll bring out the chill acoustic tunes to whisk you away. The show starts at 8pm, and tickets are available for $16 presale here. Below, watch the video for Johnston’s 1994 song, “Bad Reputation.”

Finally, if all you’re looking for is a really good time, look no further than MilkBoy Philly where Cincinnati’s resident nice guys Pomegranates will bring out their feel-good indie art rock sounds for real. And it’s going to be great. They’re touring on the heels of their latest release, Heaven, and will take the stage along with fellow indie rockers Kitten and locals Prowler. Tickets to the 21+ show are available for $10 here; show starts at 8pm. Below, stream “Pass Away,” from Pomegranates’ new album Heaven.


Download the new Key Studio Sessions Compilation Volume One for free

The Key Studio Sessions Compilation Volume OneThe Key Studio Sessions Compilation Volume One—which you can download for free here—features one exclusive track recorded at the WXPN studios by 17 local acts, including Cheers Elephant, Grimace Federation, Summer Fiction, Moon Women, Prowler, Attia Taylor, 5 O’Clock Shadowboxers, Res, Purling Hiss, The Shackeltons, Soars, Johnny Miles And The Waywards, Creepoid, By Surprise, Lady, Slutever, and American Babies.

Want to hear more? Click here to listen to the full sessions by all 17 local acts. You can also download The Key Studio Sessions Compilation, Volume One in its entirety as a .zip file.

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