Record Store Day is tomorrow. Here’s what’s happening in Philly.


Last month, we highlighted Record Store Day 2016 and gave you The Key’s picks of what to look out for when checking out your local record shops this Saturday, April 16th. For music fans, RSD is a national holiday that means more than just buying new music: it means watching shows, appreciating culture, and creating a positive environment around the music.

There are so many great record stores in and around Philly, and each of them will be holding different Record Store Day celebrations by bringing in great bands, guest DJs, and various music celebrities. Here’s a list of participating stores and all of the events that they will be holding this Saturday for Record Store Day. Continue reading →


Record Store Day 2016: What’s Coming, What’s New, & What’s Up


It’s almost that time of year again. Spring has (almost) sprung and Record Store Day is just around the corner. Whether or not you are a fan of RSD, it’s still an exciting time and a perfect excuse to go support your local record stores and while there, pick up something new to play on your turntable for the hell of it.

The official date this year for Record Store Day is Saturday, April 16th. Metallica have been announced as the ambassadors for RSD 2016 (the past three were Dave Grohl, Jack White, and Chuck D). Creep Records, Long In The Tooth, Main Street Music, Sit & Spin, and so many other Philly record stores will be participating. To see if your local record store is participating, check out the RSD website here.

A full list for Record Store Day releases can also be found on the website, but here are a couple key releases that we have our eyes out for: Continue reading →


Cassette Store Day is apparently a thing, and Beach Slang covered Dramarama’s “Anything, Anything” for it

Beach Slang | Photo via
Beach Slang | Photo via

You have probably heard of Record Store Day, the event in which numerous artists release new material every April as a way to celebrate independent record stores. What you might not have known is that there is also a similar celebration for tape heads called, you guessed it, Cassette Store Day.

This year Cassette Store Day takes place on October 17 and in honor of the celebration Philly’s Beach Slang will release a cassette of cover songs called Here I Made This For You. Earlier this week the band released their version of Dramarama’s “Anything, Anything” — which you can check out below. Continue reading →


Watch the gut-punching video for Courtney Barnett’s “Kim’s Caravan”


Courtney Barnett | Photo Credit: Pooneh Ghana
Courtney Barnett | Photo by Pooneh Ghana | courtesy of the artist

When Australian singer-songwriter Courtney Barnett isn’t wowing us with her live performances or having her album debut at number 10 on the US Billboard album sales charts, she takes on other feats: releasing music videos that seamlessly complement her tracks. The visuals for “Kim’s Caravan” are no exception. Continue reading →


The Return of The Tough Shits: Hear a new song, catch them at Repo Records this Saturday

The Tough Shits | Photo by Nikki Volpicelli
The Tough Shits | Photo by Grey Haas | courtesy of the artist

The Tough Shits recently played a show at Beautiful World Syndicate, a record shop just down the street from the bar we’re meeting at. It wasn’t was very publicized, and lots of their longtime fans could’ve missed it if they didn’t catch the Facebook note the group posted eight hours before showtime. There was no setlist because they never make setlists, and there were mistakes because they admittedly always make mistakes.

That show has helped the Philly band – who are quietly emerging from the several-year hiatus that immediately following the release of their self-titled debut – devise a plan for this weekend’s Record Store Day showcase at Repo.

“This time John will realize what’s wrong with his guitar after the first song instead of six songs in. I will remember all of the words…” singer/guitarist Mark Banfill begins. Continue reading →


Here’s your instore guide to Philly Record Store Day 2015

Ben Arnold plays an in-store at Main Street Music | photo via Main Street Music's Facebook page
Ben Arnold plays an in-store at Main Street Music | photo via Main Street Music’s Facebook page

If you ask the most purist of vinyl record collectors, Record Store Day is a farce. If you ask those that aren’t jaded yet by the obscenely long list of RSD-exclusives and reissues each year, it’s pretty exciting. Regardless of whether you’re with side A or side B, there’s sure to be an event this April 18 that will be the needle that fits your groove. Continue reading →