Rolled Gold launches his new beat tape series with A Different Cloth, Vol. 1

Rolled Gold | courtesy of the artist

Philly hip-hop and R&B producer Rolled Gold is starting off his 2019 by unveiling a new beat tape series. His new release A Different Cloth, Vol. 1 is the first in the series of tapes, which he’ll be putting out incrementally throughout the year. Rolled Gold’s musical experience ranges from jazz to punk rock to trap, and the new seven-track collection highlights his ability as a producer while showcasing how his varied musical influences come into play. Continue reading →


Boogieman Dela wants you to look within on the Rolled Gold-produced “Mirror Mirror”

Boogieman Dela | photo via

The new single from Philly rapper Boogieman Dela is reminiscent of the haunting, cinematic 70s soul style that implies the artist is about to drop some heavy knowledge on you. With lyrics like “That fear is only in your mind / Stop acting so shook / The recipe right there / all you gotta do is go cook,” I’d argue that “Mirror Mirror” fits the bill. Continue reading →


Listen to Rolled Gold and NO Headliner team up in new single “The Field”

nite owls
Rolled Gold | Photo courtesy of the artist

On July 4th, Philadelphia hip-hop producer and beat-maker Rolled Gold dropped a fire single featuring a collaboration with fellow Philly-based hip-hop duo NO Headliner (Jeide Eighttrack and Kaang Grooviin). “The Field” is the first single released from Rolled Gold’s upcoming EP, and according to a post on his Facebook page inspiration for the track was “sparked from an improv singing session I did with the one and only El Boogie, I created the beat and eventually linked up with Jeide Eighttrack and Kaang Grooviin, who delivered powerfully poetic verses to help bring the music to life.” The track artwork was created by Rolled Gold’s father. Continue reading →


Philly producer Rolled Gold creates organic chemistry on his new Salty EP

Rolled Gold
Rolled Gold | Photo courtesy of the artist

A couple things grabbed me right off the bat on Salty, the debut EP from emerging West Philly hip-hop producer Rolled Gold.

One, there’s an incredible array of samples and source material – chopped and re-configured 60s garage rock, jazzy piano breaks, ominous film score set pieces. (Points if you can spot the sample of “Audrey’s Dance” from Twin Peaks.)

Then there is the choice roundup of MCs he gets to lend their voice to the project – scene faves from Philly, Camden and The Bronx including The Bul Bey, Visto, Ai-Que and more. Rolled Gold tells us he’s known and worked with Uncle Nate the longest, and has been friends with Rhetroic Wallace since they were both in high school.

“It was a very natural, mutual friend based selection,” Rolled Gold (offstage / out-of-the-studio name: Harry Metz) tells us over email. “I always tell the MC’s that i work with, ‘before we do business, let’s have a beer, listen to some records and talk some shit.’ It’s proven to create the best organic chemistry.” Continue reading →