Indie Rock Hit Parade Live Session: Petal

Petal | Photo by Katie Tapman for XPN

For this Indie Rock Hit Parade Live Session, we’re joined by an artist from NEPA (that’s Northeast Pennsylvania for those of you non-Pocono people). Kiley Lotz has been recording and performing as Petal since 2012. and even joined us for a Key Studio Session when her 2015 album The Shame was released. Three years later, and on release day for her new album, Magic Gone (Run For Cover), Kiley returns to our studio with a borrowed guitar that looks just like hers, and a selection of gorgeous new songs.

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Listen to Petal’s cover of Fleetwood Mac’s “Silver Springs” featured on upcoming 7″, Comfort

Petal | photo by Emily Dubin | courtesy of artist

Scranton’s Kiley Lotz, a.k.a. Petal, has some new tunes coming our way. On September 15th, she’ll be releasing a 7″ titled Comfort via Run for Cover Records. But even before then, we get to hear one third of the record right this very moment, with Petal’s cover of Fleetwood Mac’s “Silver Springs” located below. Continue reading →


Watch Petal’s stripped down cover of “A Bitter Divorce”

Petal | photo by Rachel Del Sordo for WXPN |

Before traveling across the country with Pity Sex and PWR BTTM on tour this summer, Scranton sweetheart Petal filmed a stripped down cover of “A Bitter Divorce” by Captain We’re Sinking with her label Run For Cover Records. In the video, singer-songwriter and guitarist Kiley Lotz says she chose the song by her labelmates and Scranton locals because they’re some of her closest friends. Written by singer Bobby Barnett, Lotz says in the video, “It’s one of my favorite that he’s ever written. It’s very beautiful and sad and dynamic.” Continue reading →


Petal explores her personal “Heaven” in new video

Photo via
Photo via

Jean-Paul Satre famously stated that “hell is other people,” but in the new video for Petal’s “Heaven,” she seems to be saying quite the opposite.

Petal is the moniker for singer-songwriter Kiley Lotz from Scranton. Lotz recently moved to the Philly area and is about to release her debut LP, Shame, which is set to come out October 23 on Run For Cover Records. It is a follow-up to 2013’s Scout EP and hopes to build upon her pop-inspired indie rock sound. Continue reading →


Unlocked: Why Jersey’s Young Statues took measures to make “Flatlands” feel like a home away from home

Young Statues _Shervin Lainez (LoRes_WEB)
Young Statues | Photo by Shervin Lainez

Carmen Cirignano hopes putting on his band’s new record can provide a very certain kind of feeling.

He relates it to taking a trip to his grandmother’s house. Whenever he visited her, he’d feel a certain way and have very distinct memories. It’s an idea of being somewhere familiar that’s not exactly home.

“I wanted a cohesive, kind of flowing record that made sense from the beginning to the end and felt like a tangible thing, in a way,” Cirignano says. “I wanted people, when they listened to it or put it on, to be able to go somewhere, go to a place, wherever that place is to whoever listens to it. It could be different for everybody. I wanted it to have that feeling, like it was something as a whole rather than just a collection of songs.”

Cirignano, frontman for Young Statues, is sitting at an outside table at Old City’s Ole Café, having just driven downtown from his home in Prospect Park. He’s joined by bassist Tom Ryan, who has just driven in from across the bridge in New Jersey. They’re both joined by Ryan’s sister’s small dog, who remains mostly quiet as the two discuss the past and present history of the band. Continue reading →


Unlocked: The Key’s review of Young Statues’ The Flatlands are Your Friend

Young Statues’ The Flatlands are Your Friend

It’s almost fitting that the release date of Young Statues’ sophomore LP, The Flatlands Are Your Friend, would fall around Halloween.

Whereas the South Jersey-based band’s self-titled debut could be categorized as indie pop, and its 2013 EP Age Isn’t Ours bordered on pop punk, Flatlands is something total different — an eerily haunting, rock-driven release.

We’re obviously not talking “Monster Mash” here. It’s edgy and emotional in the vein of “Gimme Shelter,” and a far cry from anything the band has ever done in the past.

Young Statues has always stuck out because they’ve never really fit in where they were. Punk and hardcore bands dominate the band’s label, Run For Cover Records. This has informed the tours Young Statues been on and the fan base they have developed. But you’d be mistaken to lump them in with many of their label mates or this “emo revival” everyone keeps talking about. Continue reading →


Modern Baseball release “Rock Bottom” off You’re Gonna Miss It All

Modern Baseball | photo via band's Facebook
Modern Baseball | photo via band’s Facebook

Today, Philly pop-punk four-piece Modern Baseball released “Rock Bottom,” the second song from their new full length album You’re Gonna Miss It All, via BrooklynVegan. Filled with the honest grumblings of any modern day young adult, you’ll find yourself laughing while you sing along to your own misgivings. Lines like  “To hell with class, I’m skipping / let’s order food and sleep in / I’ve got so much to do / but it’s okay ’cause whatever forever” make the song as relevant as ever for the college punks that are such a big part of their fan base and the Philadelphia scene. Pre-order You’re Gonna Miss It All (release 2/11) via Run For Cover Records here, and check out the first single “Your Graduation” here.