Merry Local Philly Christmas! (download our 12 song local music holiday sampler)

 Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from WXPN and The Key! The last several weeks we celebrated the holiday season by offering a twelve original seasonal songs. WXPN’s Helen Leicht asked local bands to write and record original holiday songs for the third year in a row which the bands have offered as free downloads. Thanks to all the bands for these wonderful songs. You can download the entire sampler as a .zip file here.

The 12 Days of XPN Philly Local Christmas Sampler

Find Vienna – “Christmas Is For Our Hearts”
Gillian Grassie – “When the Night Gets Long”
Summer Fiction – “Christmas Eve for Two”
Matt Santry – “The Xmas Song”
Atomic Square – “Christmas Time is here”
Scot Sax and Suzie Brown – “Coming Your Way”
Angel Band – “I Want A Present”
JD Malone & the Experts – “Best Day Of The Year”
Kingsfoil – “The Valley, A Christmas Song”
John Flynn – “Christmas Balls”
Ben Smith – “I Got A New Tattoo For Christmas”
Ali Hoffman – “Evergreen”

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Tonight’s Concert Picks: Find Vienna at World Cafe Live, Queen Electric + Suzie Brown at Milkboy Philly

Find Vienna

Tonight features performances by three of the artists in this year’s XPN’s 12 Days Of Local Christmas series: Find Vienna and Scot Sax (of Queen Electric) + Suzie Brown. We originally posted Find Vienna’s track, “Christmas Is In Our Hearts” back on December 8th; Scot Sax and Suzie Brown’s song, “Coming Your Way”, ran on December 15th. You can listen to both below.

Find Vienna performs with Atomic Tom + Lion Of Ido, and Lizbeth Rose at 7:30 p.m.; tickets to the show are $15–$20. Queen Electric performs with Suzie Brown + Van Meter at 9 p.m.; tickets to the 21+ show are $8–$10.

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XPN’s 12 Days Of Local Christmas: Scot Sax and Suzie Brown’s “Coming Your Way”

Scot Sax and Suzie Brown met on John Lennon’s birthday, October 9th, in 2010. The two definitely keep busy individually: Scot has a career as singer for Queen Electric (and is a songwriter for various projects) while Suzie—in addition to being a practicing cardiologist— has her own career as a singer-songwriter, with her songs being heard in Starbucks nationwide and having won Philadelphia Magazine‘s Best Of Philly. However, the two managed to find the time to join together for their first written and recorded song, “Coming Your Way.” You can visit Scot’s website here and Suzie’s website here; you can also see them perform on December 22nd at Milkboy in Ardmore, joined by Scot’s band Queen Electric. —Nick Bookbinder

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Watch the new video for Queen Electric’s “Gonna Let You Down”

As we mentioned last month, Queen Electric is the latest musical project from Scot Sax. The power trio includes Sax on guitar, piano and vocals, Phil D’agostino on bass, and Mike Pietrusko on drums. Their seven song self-titled debut album—which was released in June and opens with the track “Gonna Let You Down”—is available via Bandcamp.

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Download new music from Queen Electric (new project from Scot Sax)

Queen Electric is the latest musical project from Scot Sax. The power trio includes Sax on guitar, piano and vocals, Phil D’agostino on bass, and Mike Pietrusko on drums. Their seven song self-titled debut album is up on Bandcamp here; you can download it for “name your own price.” There are familiar touchstones on this collection: Zeppelin, McCartney, and Bowie’s The Man Who Sold The World. With Queen Electric, Sax continues to showcase his versatility as a musician who is an excellent songwriter, player and pop craftsman.

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Listen to two tracks from Musicians On Call’s Project Playback program

Photo by Jennifer Lyn |

Project Playback is a component of WXPN’s Musicians On Call program. Recently, local singer-songwriter Scot Sax completed the first Project Playback at the Veterans Community Living Center, a retirement home in West Philadelphia. Sax, a volunteer with Musicians On Call, worked with veterans to write, record, and produce original compositions. During Project Playback Sax led the group, encouraging the participants to play instruments, shape the melodies and write the words. Sax took the recordings to his home studio to mix the elements together and produce the final songs. This experience was recently captured by WHYY reporter and producer Jennifer Lyn for WHYY’s Impact of War Series on Newsworks. In the report (which you can listen to here) Sax tells Lyn:

“I realized that I was about to embark on a writing session with folks between the ages of 80 and a hundred that don’t play instruments,” said Sax. “You’re not sure how present they are at all times. Some of their heads are turned or their eyes are shut or they’re slouched over. Then you start a song and they pick up a maraca or a tambourine; and, honest to god, their rhythm is dead on the money. They are completely there. They just needed to be activated and music is a great activator.”

Below, you can download two songs from the Project Playback sessions. A CD release party is planned for the future.

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