Stream Zilla Rocca and Small Professor’s debut Career Crooks album, Good Luck with That

Career Crooks | photo via

Individually, DJ Zilla Rocca and producer, Small Professor have been crushing it for years. Just imagine the dream of utter jams that a collab could produce. You have that beauty pictured? Okay, great – now throw that imaginary concoction out the window because there actually is a real, live duo debut from Rocca and Professor, and it most likely exceeds even your dreamt up wildest hopes. Continue reading →


Listen to the jazzy “Arrowheads” from Lancaster rap trio That Them Do…

One of the reasons music is undeniably the most democratic of any art form going is because literally anyone, from anywhere, can make something that can cut through the noise and be heard if it’s good enough. This democracy is one of the reasons that a rap trio from Lancaster, Pa — a place known more for farmland and Amish than for beats and bars — is able to put together a song as catchy and well-produced as “Arrowheads (feat. Muhsinah)” from That Them Do… Continue reading →


Philly producers Small Professor and Arcka release Herbie Hancock tribute

cover Philly producers Small Professor and Arcka have released a tribute to the legendary jazz pianist and composer Herbie Hancock. Presented by The Find Magazine, Hancock features both producers on five songs each. Hancock fans will recognize samples from Hancock classics like “Watermelon Man,” and “Come Running To Me,” and Small Pro and Arcka manage to capture the warm soul and grooves of Hancock’s incredible work. Download the collection here, or listen to it below.

Here’s the story in the words of Small Professor:

“Hancock” was originally conceived by myself in 2009, a project inspired by rapper/producer Blueprint’s “Blueprint Vs. Funkadelic” album from 2008. Intended at first to be a solo offering, fellow Philly producer Y?Arcka (aka Arcka this time around) was asked to come on board. The idea was to showcase the contrasting styles between us; I’ve often joked about how I will use samples from 5 songs to make one beat, and Y? will sample 1 song and make 5 beats. Herbie Hancock’s vast discography was perfect for this exhibition, spanning many different style of music over the course of his career and already being a go-to source for samples for years. Personally, I’m partial to Arcka’s ‘side’ of this release, but there’s a little something for every beat lover on this short but sweet piece of instrumental hip-hop pie…enjoy.

Listen to Hancock below.


Stream new Small Professor’s Yokozuna album

Philly hip-hop master Small Professor plays his third card of Japan-referencing releases with Yokozuna, a brand new EP featuring 8 remixed tracks from Gigantic Vol. 1 right after October’s Cool Story, Pro and Cool Haiku, Pro, released three weeks ago. Yokozuna rounds out the trio with a brand new song, “The Easiest Way” with Guilty Simpson, and revisits the track “Spare Razor” also with Guilty Simpson & Reef the Lost Cauze. There’s also a hypnotic new version of “When The Last Leaf Falls” by Has-Lo of Wrecking Crew. Stream the album in its entirety below.


Small Professor releases Gigantic, Vol. 0 the prequel “remixtape” to Gigantic, Vol. 1

Beat maker, musician and producer Small Professor (AKA Small Pro) is getting ready to release a new record called Gigantic, Volume 1. In anticipation of its release, he’s put out an official prequel “remixtape” featuring The Wrecking Crew (Curly Castro, Has-Lo, and Zilla Rocca), Elzhi, Phat Kat, Deal The Villain, MaLLy, Che Grand, Elucid, and Kane Mayfield. Stream and download Gigantic, Vol. 0 here or below.


Philadelphia Bandcamp Hunter: Small Professor

Small Professor has just released the third in his series of “Jawns” albums called Mistress Jawns. The series debuted in June with Beats & Rhymes Jawns and was followed in July by Elderly Jawns. The first two collections of beats and instrumentals are available as a “pay what you want” digital download. Small Professor is a DJ, producer, sampler, and beat maker from Philadelphia who has collaborated with Zilla Rocca, Curly Castro, and Has-Lo. He’s currently working on a new collection of music featuring Reef The Lost Cauze and Guilty Simpson. There’s some serious head-nodding beats and grooves on Small Pro’s “Jawns” series and highly recommended—especially if you’re a fan of J Dilla, DJ Shadow, Madlib, and Main Source’s Large Professor.

Below, sample a jawn from each of the albums.