Tonight’s Concert Picks: Katie Frank and the Pheromones at Rittenhouse Square, Steady Hands and W.C. Lindsay at The Fire, Leana Song at Penn Museum

Katie Frank and the Pheromones
Photo by Will Hoover

Katie Frank and the Pheromones
play a free show tonight at Rittenhouse Square as part of Philadelphia Weekly’s Concerts in the Park series. Last year, the band recorded a rockin’ Key Studio Session and released their debut single, “Tunnel Vision.” This year, the band’s timeless debut LP Counting Your Curses came out. In an interview for the band’s feature on The Key’s Unlocked, Frank explained the difference between performing solo to performing with The Pheromones: ““I feel so much more empowered when I’m onstage with the band. I can be timid when it comes to singing my songs.” Catch the empowered Katie Frank and the Pheromones, along with DJ Lisa Love and Divers tonight. Get more details about the show at the XPN Concert Calendar. Listen to the title track from Counting Your Curses below. Continue reading →


Steady Hands and The Hundred Acre Woods will shake up the Tin Angel

Steady Hands | photo by Allison Newbold |

Pop / punk outfit Steady Hands – the solo project of Modern Baseball drummer Sean Huber – is joining forces with folky DIY scene faves The Hundred Acre Woods for a coheadlining at Tin Angel on May 29th. This is probably the most raucous lineup the laid-back Old City venue has seen. Ever.

In addition, Huber has promised to play some new jams for the performance, which is always a bonus. For more info check out the facebook event page here. Get tickets for the performance here. Watch Sean Huber of Steady Hands perform “Southern Dream” for FeedbackLoop below.

Steady Hands – “Southern Dream” – FeedbackLoop Sessions from FeedbackLoop on Vimeo.


My Ruined Life: Poking fun at everyday troubles with the help of some Philly musicians

Brian Cowden and Eric Wunsch | photo courtesy of
Brian Cowden and Eric Wunsch | photo courtesy of

Lee Porter has a fascination for two things: film-making, and local folk scene mainstay David Falcone’s monstrous beard.

Sprinkled in with a bit of comedy, he’s combined the two together, somehow convincing Falcone, who frequently plays World Cafe Live, and his facial hair to make his acting debut in a three-minute webisode called “Sales” (about shaving, who would have guessed?) for Porter’s series, My Ruined Life.

In the episode, actor Nathan Holt tries to sell shaving cream for the company he works for by targeting random passer-bys in a park.

Holt remains unsuccessful, but the comedic aspect of the short begins when Falcone enters the shot.

Dressed casually, he walks up to Holt and stands with his massive beard and long, fluffed locks of hair, staring at Nate and camera. End scene, cue laughter.

And though this is Falcone’s first acting performance, it isn’t Porter’s first time behind the camera.

“This is my baby,” Porter said. “This is my project I started myself.”

He gathered a group of four actors along with animators, musicians and more together to form the series in 2011. Now, the group is in their third season, releasing a new three-minute short every Sunday at 5 p.m. The plot now stars two characters, Brian and Eric, played by actors Brian Cowden and Eric Wunsch who meet up after work on a various park benches in the Philadelphia area to comedically discuss “their ruined lives.”

To keep things exciting, Porter started reaching out to Philly musicians during the second season. Continue reading →


Hear an “acoustic” new Steady Hands single, “Southern Dream,” via FeedbackLoop

Photo by Allison Newbold
Photo by Allison Newbold

Philly punk one-man-show Steady Hands has just released its latest endeavor. Founded in 2012 by Sean Huber, who is also the drummer for Modern Baseball, the band released a version of its new single “Southern Dream” today, recorded with Philly-based new music incubator Feedback Loop.

The video shows Huber standing in a room, backlit by two bright spotlights. Glistening with sweat, he sings “I don’t remember if I told you I loved you or not / Well, I don’t remember the feeling of losing anyone” in a gritty voice. Though the video is an “acoustic” version of the song (as one of our Facebook commenters pointed out, Huber is clearly playing an electric guitar -ed.), it’s still completely indicative of the band’s typically punky, in-your-face sound.

Feedback Loop describes itself as a “music discovery platform that fuels creativity.” The project records video sessions, sessions and gives listeners a “behind-the-scenes” look at the creative process. Steady Hands’ “Southern Dream” video is the first of its Feedback Loop sessions, though the studio version of the song is available by subscribing to the project. Learn more here and watch the video below.

Steady Hands – “Southern Dream” – FeedbackLoop Sessions from FeedbackLoop on Vimeo.


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Steady Hands release new video, free download for “I Swear Like A Sailor”


Sean Huber, the drummer of local band Modern Baseball, has been hard at work with his solo side-project, Steady Hands. This past February, he released the newest EP under the Steady Hands moniker, called The Libertines, and now he has now released a new video for his track “I Swear Like  A Sailor.” Check it out below. Huber’s folk-infused pop-punk is a nice extension of his previous work with Modern Baseball. Like what you hear? Head on over to Steady Hands’ Bandcamp page here, where Huber has generously offered up all of his Steady Hands work as free downloads.


Steady Hands will make you applaud with The Libertines EP (playing The Barbary on April 16th)

Photo by Allison Newbold
Photo by Allison Newbold

Last July, Sean Huber – the founder / guy who writes all the songs / public face of Steady Hands – gave us Not Many of Us Left, his debut folk-punk inspired EP. Since that day, Huber has given fans plenty of reasons to enjoy his music and dance like maniacs with his spirited lyrics, intimate and passionate solo acoustic performances, and full band performances replete with an overabundance of sweat and beer. In February of this year, Steady Hands released its newest EP, The Libertines, and while it maintains the same folk-punk musical style, it is a full step away with it’s driving drums, group vocals, and overall full sound. The Libertines is fun, deep, riddled with story telling, and something to put your arm around your friends shoulder and sing in each others faces’.

Some of you may know that Mr Huber is the drummer for Modern Baseball, who is – in not so delicate words – wrecking the Philadelphia music scene, as well as the up and coming indie / pop punk scene. If you still can’t put a name to a face, then go to a Steady Hands show. Sean’s an incredibly nice and warm guy, and puts on a hell of show. You can tell by the end of his performance that he loves the music he makes. Mostly by the sheer volume of sweat pouring off the dude. When I say The Libertines is a full step away from his previous release, it truly is a full step. What I mean to say, the sound has matured heavily. Which is to say, the sound was already matured. The songs on the new EP still have the story telling from the previous EP, but in terms of recording, musicianship, dynamics, everything has improved. Which, again, is to say everything mentioned was already gnarly on Not Many of Us Left. Immediately, the first track exemplifies the growth in Sean’s writing.

Starting with a powerful guitar intro, the EP consistently maintains its grip on your ears. Even the last track, which in terms of the rest of the EP is a bit slower, still delivers the overall full sound. While the first EP sounded heavily influenced by folk-punk bands such as Andrew Jackson Jihad and Defiance, Ohio, The Libertines evokes influence from Bomb the Music Industry! and The Menzingers, mainly because this release has much more electric guitar in it, and the last release was heavy on the acoustics. Both super awesome in their own respect.

Give the first release a listen, and then give Steady Hands’ newest release a listen and see how the sound has grown. The Libertines was released on Lame-O records (run by Eric Osman, who rules more than most things) and is available through the Facebook page, or can also be purchased through Steady Hands’ bandcamp. Below you can check out “Song For Rosemary” off of The Libertines. And on April 16th, you can take in the energy in person when Steady Hands plays The Barbary, opening for What’s Eating Gilbert Grape. Information on the all-ages show can be found here.