Time Capsule: Wesley Bunch of Suburban Living on “Club Kids”

Photo by John Vettese
Photo by John Vettese

When Wesley Bunch moved to Philly to start a new chapter of his old band, Suburban Living, there were some things he left back in Virginia Beach, where he’d conceptualized the band three years prior. At the time, he had two releases under the Suburban Living name—one, a five-track EP called Cooper’s Dream, and another A/B side LP, 2013’s Always Eyes.

“There was a C-side of that LP,” he admits, “A digital download, a bonus track that’s literally not even on the album art of the pressing.”

He never listened to it, totally forgot about it until his new drummer, Mike Cammarata, brought it up during an early practice. “We were kind of at the point where we were working on new stuff but that wasn’t fully developed and I didn’t have any demos to present to the band to practice,” he says about the night. “And then Mike was like, ‘Yo, what about that song ‘Club Kids?’ I was listening to that 7” online and I like that song.’ And I was like, are you fucking kidding me? No, we are not doing that.”

But they did. And contrary to Wesley’s opinion—which was that it sounded entirely out of character for Suburban Living 2.0—it worked with the new lineup, specifically Mike’s drums.

In this new feature for The Key, we’re asking artists to revisit songs they may have forgotten: pieces they wrote, released, and packed away—until now. Each month, we’ll pick one band who will pick one song and tell us the story behind where they were and what they were thinking when they wrote it.

This month I asked my friend and DJ partner Wesley Bunch to kick it off, and we talked about a lesser-known track of his called “Club Kids” off of 2013’s Always Eyes. Read all about it below. Continue reading →


Tonight’s Concert Picks: Screaming Females at Union Transfer, Louie Louie at Johnny Brenda’s, Suburban Living at Underground Arts and more

screaming females
Screaming Females | Photo by Megan Lynch |

New Brunswick rock mainstays Screaming Females will play Union Transfer tonight in support of this year’s Rose Mountain LP. They released a new video for opening track “Empty Head” last month, which follows a cast of paper cutout creatures around an industrial city. Watch it below and pick up tickets for the all-ages show with Vacation, Radiator Hospital and Pinkwash here. Listen back to Screaming Females’ Key Studio Session from last week here.

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Philly Music 101: The wild world of Philly’s modern rock scene

A few of the talented artists that make up Philadelphia's alternative rock scene
A few of the talented artists that make up Philadelphia’s alternative rock scene (Clockwise from top left: Hop Along, Cruisr, DRGN KING, Tutlie, and Vita and the Woolf)

Philly Music 101 is our regular series guiding you through the wonderful world of the Philadelphia music scene: all of its passionate, loving participants, from artists to venues to studios and more.

The complex web of artist that make up Philadelphia’s amazing music scene can be difficult to categorize. Ask any musician, and they probably won’t want to be pigeonholed as purveyors of any single type of music, but sometimes genre communities are an easy step towards understanding and digging deeper into the well-rounded scene that we have today. With that in mind, Philly Music 101 is going to occasionally bring you genre spotlights – with the understanding that labels are of course limiting, and most of our fave musicians work outside the box.

The first segment of our genre spotlight will focus on Philly’s flourishing modern and alternative rock scene that has seen musicians advance their way from rock bar stages to major venues to the pages of Rolling Stone. Continue reading →


Download The Key Studio Sessions Volume 13 (featuring Bardo Pond, Girlpool, Moosh & Twist and more)

The Key Studio Sessions Volume 13
Photo by Ola Baldych |

I don’t want to gush. But I’d be lying if I said that this latest collection of performances from The Key Studio Sessions wasn’t special to me.

In the past four months, I’ve recorded one of my favorite Philadelphia bands of the past 20 years – shamanistic psychedelic rock masters Bardo Pond, whose performance was a thrill – as well as one of my favorite new Philadelphia bands – the brilliant duo Girlpool, transported locally from LA this winter with a unique sound and an incredible collection of songs in tow. I also recorded a local guitar icon whose work I’ve admired since I first began covering the scene for City Paper 15 years ago, Mike “Slo-Mo” Brenner, doing a set of his raga-influenced compositions on the 22-stringed chaturangui. (Brenner also sat in on lap steel with folk outfit Kicking Down Doors.)

And that’s only the beginning. Continue reading →


Tonight’s Concert Picks: Houndmouth at Union Transfer, SHIFT Showcase at Underground Arts, Suburban Living at Bourbon and Branch and more

Houndmouth | Photo by Rocco Peditto |
Houndmouth | Photo by Rocco Peditto |

Based on their Free at Noon just a few weeks ago, Houndmouth’s live show game is strong right now. The Indiana roots rock crew dropped their album Little Neon Limelight just a few weeks back, and it packs an incredible, infectious punch. Watch the video for “Sedona” below and get tickets and more info on tonight’s show at Union Transfer at the XPN Concert Calendar. Continue reading →


Suburban Living’s Wesley Bunch talks to us about his April residency at Bourbon & Branch

Suburban Living | Via
Suburban Living | Via

About eight months ago, Wesley Bunch packed his bags in Virginia Beach and headed to Philly, only knowing a handful of people in the area. Performing under the moniker Suburban Living, Bunch left behind his hometown, but quickly connected with prominent local talent, landing him his first Philly show alongside CRUISR and Dream Safari.

“It’s been a total whirlwind,” Bunch said. “I’ve really fallen in love with the city and everything it has to offer.”

Suburban Living’s standout dream pop sound has us feeling lucky to have Bunch around. And with an upcoming residency at Bourbon & Branch, Suburban Living will play alongside local artists throughout April.

“The city is full of awesome musicians,” Bunch said. “I feel super lucky being able to curate all these upcoming shows.”

Here’s a rundown of each week’s lineup, with snippets of Bunch’s commentary on why he picked these openers. Continue reading →


Wander a surrealist beach with Suburban Living’s Wesley Bunch

Wesley Bunch in the music video for Suburban Living's "New Strings"
Wesley Bunch in the music video for Suburban Living’s “New Strings”

Philadelphia dreampop project Suburban Living just released the new music video for their song “New Strings,” the latest single from their self-titled debut album available on Papercup Music. Starring frontman Wesley Bunch, the video follows the artist as he wanders along a deserted, breezy beach and encounters various weirdos doing surreal things: interpretive dancing, burning Barbie dolls, coloring on people’s faces with magic markers and directing him further down the beach to meet his grim fate. Continue reading →