Download “Only A Dream,” the new single from Gang (playing Kungfu Necktie on Saturday)

Photo by Oliver Lopena

Hot off the presses from Gang is “Only A Dream,” a skewed surfy new-wave single totally reflecting the Philly foursome’s fondness for The B-52s. Download the song below, and catch the band tomorrow night when it plays the Sugar Town party at Kungfu Necktie with Sgt. Sass, Violent Vicky and DJ Nasty Sinatra. Admission to the 21+ show is $8, doors at 9 p.m., Kungfu Necktie is located at 1248 N. Front St.

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Philly Local Philes: Dear Althea’s “Oh Today”

For the first month in its new location at Kungfu Necktie, Sugar Town didn’t skimp on the lineup. This weekend’s installment of the monthly women-in-rock showcase that local promoter and writer Sara Sherr has organized for over a decade features Key faves Slutever, the post-Post Post popsters Little Big League (who we told you about in last week’s Philly Local Philes), NYC punks Mannequin Pussy and DJ Julia Factorial from WPRB. Rounding out the bill is Dear Althea, a fantastic new Philly foursome that evokes post-riot grrl touchstones like Veruca Salt, 80s punk frontrunners like The Plasmatics, and going way back, foundational acts like The Cramps and Screaming Lord Sutch – some of the people who first made rock n roll freaky. In today’s Philly Local Phile, we dig into their song “Oh Today” – give it a listen or download it below, and catch it in person Saturday night at 8 – tickets to the 21+ show are $8.

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Philly Local Philes: Little Big League’s “Tokyo Drift”

After burning bright on Philly’s indie scene for two solid years, local popsters Post Post fizzled out somewhere around late 2010/early 2011. Thankfully, that band’s jangley guitars and uplifting melodies continue in a post-Post Post project, Little Big League. Singer-guitarist Michelle Zauner and bassist Kevin O’Halloran carry the torch, teaming up with friends from Titus Andronicus (Ian Dykstra on drums) and Strand Of Oaks (Deven Craige on guitar). To date their only release has been the single “Tokyo Drift”, today’s Philly Local Phile that you can grab a free download of below. You definitely hear Zauner’s songwriting stylings carry over, from her distinctive elastic vocals to the ever-building structure of the song. But her counterparts have put their stamp on it as well, imbuing the song with a less saccharine, more contemplative tone. To hear what else Little Big League has up its sleeve, check out its next Philadelphia appearance in the monthly women-in-rock showcase Sugar Town, now in its new location at Kung Fu Necktie, on Saturday Feb. 25.

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Philly Local Philes: Arrah and the Ferns

Arrah Fisher and Carl Stovner moved to Philadelphia in 2008, leaving their band and their old home of Muncie, Indiana, behind. But the local scene proved so inviting, they couldn’t keep away from music entirely. Last year, a revived Arrah and the Ferns released its second album, All the Bad in One Place, filling out the lineup with locals Mike Harkness (of The Armchairs) on drums, Ryan Belski (of The Divine Lorraine and Lady) on guitar and Buddy Szczesniak on bass. The album is an impressive, eclectic romp of country, blues, singer-songwriter pop and indie rock – including today’s Philly Local Phile “Slim 5″ (watch the video and download the song below). The band just finished recording a follow-up EP, which it plans to release in the fall. In the meantime, you can catch Arrah and the Ferns in concert this Saturday, July 30 at 9 p.m. at the Sugar Town party at Tritone at (also featuring Colette Carter, Ang and the Damn Band, and sets from the Lady. Beat. Bang. DJ’s). Tickets to the 21 + show are $7.00

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