Tallboy brings personal catharsis to the Life is Terrible and Everyone is Insane project

Tallboy | photo via Bandcamp

Nick Rossi is a veteran musician in the Philly scene, but he’s struck out on his own with his new project Tallboy. Rossi just released his first EP under the moniker — called Life is Terrible and Everyone is Insane, it’s out now digitally and physically.

Tallboy is a one-man project, with Rossi singlehandedly covering all aspects of writing and recording. Though it’s the musician’s first solo release, he’s become a familiar face around town over the last decade or two, appearing with acts such as Johnny Miles, Robot Hearts, and Tachyon Radio; he also currently plays bass in rebel folk band Poison Street.

At the core of Tallboy, though, is personal catharsis. Continue reading →