Philly artists send love and support to Houston and beyond via Bandcamp benefits

Mock Suns
Mock Suns are among dozens of Philly artists supporting disaster relief through charitable online releases | photo by Chelsea Schryver | courtesy of the artist

In the aftermath of destruction that Hurricane Harvey wreaked onto the Texan coast — and as Florida grapples with the fallout of Hurricane Irma — Philly’s DIY creatives have been working in full force to support disaster relief by putting Bandcamp’s philanthropic possibilities to test.

From the full-bodied compilations of Good Behavior Records and DIY for Houston, to a release from fresh Items Tagged Philadelphia find, Nymphaea, and a new track from The Residuels, there’s a lot of chances for you to support Houston while also supporting the local scene. Continue reading →


Find calming clarity in Tentative Plans’ sophomore EP debut, still

Tentative Plans | via

Local indie dream-pop duo, Tentative Plans, were brought together through the fateful forces of Craigslist to become a band and debut an EP last summer. Now, the angelic outfit, comprised of Cait Kellagher and Chris Caulder, have released their sophomore EP titled, still.

When I say that this EP is angelic, I’m not kidding or using that term lightly. Kellagher’s clear, bright vocals are so dang calming and ethereal, it’s unreal. Everything about this six track release is clean and precise, from the vocals to production quality, to the thoughtful and purposeful use of instrumentation. Continue reading →


PREMIERE: Introducing Tentative Plans, the angelic duo that was meant to be

Tentative Plans | photo by Eric Blitz
Tentative Plans | photo by Eric Blitz

Cait Kellagher and Chris Caulder were two people on two completely different paths. Now, they’re the musical duo that is Tentative Plans. And what do they have to thank for such a drastic change? Craigslist.

The two met online when they were both in search of a roommate. When they met up in person, Kellagher and Caulder realized their musical connection was two strong to ignore — they both shared influences like Azure Ray, Half Moon Run, Noah Gunderson, and Nirvana. With Kellagher on keys and vocals, and Caulder serving as a multi-instrumentalist, the duo began work on a debut EP. Continue reading →