This Day in Music History: David Bowie releases “Space Oddity” in the UK, Jerry Garcia releases line of neck ties

David Bowie Space Oddity

1951 – On WJW in Cleveland, Alan Freed broadcasts his first “Moondog House Rock and Roll Party,” marking the first radio show with the phrase “Rock and Roll” and giving Freed a claim on the origin of the term. More importantly, Freed plays R&B music, which introducing the sound to a new (and mostly white) audience.

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From the Vaults: DJ Hurricane collaborates with The Roots’ Black Thought, The Beastie Boys’ Adrock

Rough-weather days like this always get me thinking about one of my favorite musical Hurricanes, the one that rocked the ones and twos for The Beastie Boys between 1987 and 1998. On this track from DJ Hurricane‘s 2000 full-length Don’t Sleep, we hear Black Thought from The Roots making a tremendous appearance on the second half of the song, nearly outshining The King Adrock who kicks off the funky jam with a lively verse of common Beasties-isms. Listen to “Kickin’ Wicked Rhymes” below.