Philly Local Philes: The Josh And Pete Band’s “Miscommunication”

The Josh And Pete BandWith tunes that can only come from those well-versed in The Monkees’ film Head, Philly ensemble The Josh and Pete Band mixes swinging, breezy psychedelia with lots of nonsensical non-sequiter. It’s wandering in well-trodden territories, for sure, but the band kills it without even trying. Their track linked below, “Miscommunication,” is the most polished, complete-sounding demo I’ve heard in quite some time. The song makes one antsy to hear what their finished, proper release sounds like, but it’s not due till mid-2011. For now, J&P are playing a pre-Christmas benefit for Rock to the Future, an afternoon music and education camp for Philadelphia School District Students, this Thursday, Dec. 23, at World Café Live. Also on the bill are New Motels and The Best Westerns, tickets are $12, show is at 8 p.m.