My Morning Download: “When You Say My Name” by Arctic Splash (from The Key Studio Sessions, Vol. 6)

Photo of Joey Sweeney by John Vettese

Today’s My Morning Download is by the local rock and roll band Arctic Splash. Fronted by Philebrity editor Joey Sweeney, the Splash recorded a Key Studio Session last month – mid-December, 2012 – and the song “When You Say My Name” is on the recent Key Studio Sessions, Volume 6, featuring performances from 17 bands including Kingsfoil, The Districts, Ape School, and others. You can download the entire collection here. Below, grab the aching, Dylanesque “When You Say My Name” by Arctic Splash.


My Morning Download: “I Just Wanna” by John The Conqueror from The Key Studio Sessions, Volume 6

Photo of John The Conqueror by John Vettese
Each Wednesday The Key offers a free download of a Key studio session from a local band recorded in the World Cafe studios at WXPN. We just released The Key Studio Sessions Volume 6 featuring music from Gracie, Reef The Lost Cauze, Ethel Cee, Kingsfoil, The Districts; 17 songs in all. You can download the entire collection here. Below, download “I Just Wanna” by John The Conqueror.

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Download The Key Studio Sessions Compilation Vol. 4 (feat. City Rain, Pink Skull, Lushlife, Chill Moody, + more)

Photo by Arrah Fisher

Special thanks to all of the bands for coming to our studio, and to John Vettese for recording them. We’d also like to thank volunteer production assistants Fred Knittel, Madeleine Lesperance, and Dan Malloy as well as photographers Kate Bracaglia, Corey Cohen, Sarah Fry, Shamus McGroggan, Noah Gabriel Merenda, Sylvia Ramirez, and Heidi Schlenzig for sharing their work.

Click here to download the 18-track compilation in its entirety as a .zip file. Want to hear more? Click here to listen to the full sessions by all 18 local acts; you can also download The Key Studio Sessions Compilation Volume IVolume 2, and Volume 3.

Zakee “Spotlight”
City Rain “Real Good”
Pink Skull “Oh, Monorail”
Mason Porter “Back To Where We Started From”
Univox “What’s More”
Arrah and the Ferns “Waterproof Gold Watch”
Acid Kicks “Take My Soul Away”
The Menzingers “Mexican Guitars”
Music For Headphones “Why”
Lushlife “Gymnopiede 1.2″
Griz “The Secret In The Garden”
New Sweden “Saint, Don’t You Lie”
Sunny Ali and the Kid “Stop the Haiti”
Peasant “Girls”
Chill Moody “Cotton”
Little Big League “St. John’s”


My Morning Download: Saturn Never Sleeps, “Hearts On Fire” from The Key Studio Sessions Compilation, Vol. 3

Photo by Michael “Kraus Phade” Béon |

Saturn Never Sleeps is a collaboration between Philly DJ/producer/musician King Britt and multimedia artist Rucyl. The duo released Yesterday’s Machine last year and recorded a Key Studio Session in November. You can listen to and download the entire session here. One of the songs they recorded, “Hearts On Fire” is on our latest digital sampler, Key Studio Sessions Compilation, Volume 3, which you can download below.


My Morning Download: White Birds’ “Floating Hands” from The Key Studio Sessions Compilation Vol. 3

Kate Bracaglia

This past summer, Drink Up Buttercup morphed into White Birds featuring three of the Buttercups; James Harvey, Farzad Houshiarnejad, and Mike Cammarata. The White Birds’ four-song debut EP on Grizzly Records is a gorgeous, Fleet-Foxes-meets-Beach-Boys’-Surf’s-Up collection of breezy pop songs. The band recorded a Key Studio Session in November, which you can listen to here. The song “Floating Hands”—recorded during that session—is also available on our new Key Studio Sessions Compilation Volume 3, which also features songs by DRGN King, Blayer Point Du Jour, Black Landlord, mewithoutYou, and others.


Download Lady’s “How Did You Know” from The Key Studio Sessions Compilation, Volume 1

Last week we released The Key Studio Sessions Volume 1, a digital compilation of 17 songs recorded by local bands who have done our weekly Key Studio Sessions. You can download the entire collection of 17 songs here. Today we highlight the song “How Did You Know” recorded by Lady, featuring lead singer Kate Foust. As John Vettese noted about the song back in mid-April when we first posted the session, “The members of Philadelphia’s Lady are music students, but you didn’t need me to tell you that. You can hear it in the band’s stylistic mixup (torch-song jazz to big-band swing), or its tricky time signature juxtapositions.” Go here to hear the entire session.