Tonight’s Concert Picks: Gemini Wolf opening for The Octopus Project at North Star Bar, Spirit & Dust at The Fire, Sonny Landreth at WCL Wilmington

Innovative Philadelphia electro-pop group Gemini Wolf is opening for The Octopus Project tonight at North Star Bar. Gemini Wolf, which is made of Megan Cauley and Michael McDermott (who perform under the names Pandar and Mikronesia, respectively) released a 2011 LP Infinite Sand Dunes following their 2010 remix album, Rare But Serious Side Effects. The 21+ show tonight begins at 9 PM and more details can be found here. Below you can listen to Infinite Sand Dunes in its entirety.

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Tonight’s Concert Pick: The Octopus Project at Kung Fu Necktie

The Octopus Project

So, what’s all the hoopla about Hexadecagon, the upcoming full-length from Austin, Texas’ “indietronica” quartet, The Octopus Project? Best as we can tell, it has something to do with eight audio channels combined with eight visual channels—basically, a trippy, in-your-ears-and-eyes audio/visual extravaganza that is probably best explained by the band itself:

In late 2009, the band took some time off from touring to start writing new material and tinkering with electronics, and Hexadecagon began to take shape. The band members quickly realized that in order to achieve their creative vision, they would need more than the standard two-channel stereo audio and single projection. However, the equipment to pull this off didn’t exist. So they built it. Using custom electronics (The Bend Matrix) and pushing existing software (Ableton Live, VDMX, OSCulator) to its limits, the band spent the next three months writing songs specifically for an eight-channel surround sound system and shooting video footage with Austin digital artist Wiley Wiggins.

With eight speakers arranged in a circle surrounding the audience, and the audience in turn surrounding the band at the center, The Octopus Project performed Hexadecagon twice to over-capacity crowds at SXSW 2010. Overhead, the music was accompanied by eight synchronized video projections. The performance required an integrated eight-channel audio and eight-channel video system, hence the name “Hexadecagon,” the geometrical term for a sixteen-sided object — a sixteen-sided audiovisual panorama.

Huh. So—promo speak aside—all we want to know is: Are we going to have to replace that brand-new 5.1 surround-sound home-theater system we just bought in order to listen to this album when it comes out on Peek-A-Boo Records on October 26th? The band is selling copies of the as-yet unreleased album while on tour, so maybe we’ll pick up a copy at tonight’s show. In fact, it’s probably best to take the whole thing in during a live performance anyway—it’s not as if we’re going to hook eight HDTVs up in our living room.