Tickets for “The 5th Annual Silver Ages Holiday Spectacular” now available

This just in from The Silver Ages’ Charlie Hall:

I believe it was the great David Bowie who once sang “five years, my brain hurts a lot,” and we all know how that feels.  Because what else can your brain do but hurt when you reflect that it’s been five whole years since the very first Silver Ages Holiday Concert Spectacular!

Five Years!  The aforementioned Mr. Bowie also said “what a surprise!” with regard to that length of time, but it’s no surprise to us that we’ve been doing this so long.  Why? Because it’s a heck of a good time, that’s why, and we work hard year ‘round to prepare a program of timeless entertainment for a magical evening of togetherness and fun.

But it won’t just be us (The Silver Ages) (Philadelphia’s very own men’s close harmony vocal ensemble) sending sundry stirring sounds from the stage of the Society some say is Ethical!

No. As in years past, we’ll be bolstering the evening’s entertainment value with two truly towering talents of tune!  Please join us in welcoming these wonderful newcomers to the Silver Ages Experience: Meg Baird and John Wesley Harding!

…You can expect the usual smattering of Silver Ages ephemera (Pimms Cups, etc) as well as a very special array of offerings courtesy of Art in the Age and Quaker City Mercantile.  In the spirit of celebrating the creative communities within Philadelphia, it seemed only right that we collaborate with one of our favorite purveyors of spirits, from right here in Philadelphia, on a very special Silver Ages Punch, and other treats.  Art in the Age is responsible for Root, Snap, and its latest concoction, Rhuby.  Find out more HERE . We are also thrilled to introduce an old favorite to you all, courtesy of Quaker City Mercantile, Narragansett Beer.  Narragansett is named after one of our favorite Rhode Island towns which, like us, is known for recreation.  One thing you should not be concerned about is leaving this night thirsty.

Silver Ages performs with Meg Baird, John Wesley Harding, and Mary Lattimore at “The 5th Annual Silver Ages Holiday Spectacular” at 8 p.m. Saturday, January 14th, at The Philadelphia Ethical Society; tickets to the show are $13. You can read our interview with Charlie Hall from earlier this year here.


Tonight’s Concert Pick: Jens Lekman at The Philadelphia Ethical Society

The title track off of Jens Lekman’s latest EP,  An Argument With Myself, has one of the most unusual lyrical arrangements of any Lekman song ever—primarily because, as the title suggests, he’s talking to himself the entire time. Fans adore the Swedish-born Lekman for his clever and unconventional lyricism, and “An Argument With Myself” is no exception: the whole song depicts a scrappy mental battle in which Jens fights himself while saying things such as, “OK, you wanna keep fighting?/Yeah, I wanna keep on fighting/All right, fair enough.” Arguing persists throughout the rest of the song, but ultimately Jens speaks of a unifying love that seems to bring peace. Musically, the arrangement is eclectic pop involving upbeat horns, steady percussion, and various strings. This one track sets the precedent for Jens’ newest EP; fortunately, those who revere Jen’s writing will not be disappointed as the rest of the tracks follow lyrical suit. Jens Lekman performs with Geoffrey O’Connor at 8 pm at The Philadelphia Ethical Society; tickets to the all-ages show are SOLD OUT. —Caitlyn Grabenstein