Like Vacationer? Then open up Thrills’ Memory Envelope

Thrills | photo courtesy of the artist
Thrills | photo by Luke Cloran | courtesy of the artist

Many who are familiar with the Philadelphia music scene, and even those beyond the local community, know Vacationer. Perhaps less known, but just as noteworthy, is Thrills, a project headed up by Michael Mullin that includes the other bandmates of Vacationer (Kenny Vasoli, Greg Altman, and Ryan Zimmaro) as well as Earl Martin. Somewhat of a heavier/less trippy form of its summery counterpart, Thrills began in 2014 with the LP Thrills of Constantly Collapsing. Earlier this month, the band released the Memory Envelope EP, and after hearing it, we thought it would be appropriate to share. Continue reading →


Vacationer announce new side project Thrills, releasing debut LP at Boot & Saddle on 3/8

Michael Mullen  of Thrills | Photo By Abi Reimold |
Michael Mullen of Thrills | Photo By Abi Reimold |

Thrills is the new project from local musician Michael Mullen, along with his Vacationer bandmates Kenny Vasoli and Greg Altman.  Inverting the tropical electro-pop of the latter outfit, Thrills tangles its roots with emo / punk vocals and guitar noodlings.  On the first single “Dominic” from the band’s debut LP Thrills of Constantly Collapsing, Mullen and co. create a Circa Survive-like atmosphere where thoughtful, distant lyrics hurtle through synth-laden time and space.  Stream the full LP here and check out the video for “Dominic” below.  Tickets and information for Thrills’ debut show at Boot & Saddle on March 8th with Flyermile (members of Circa Survive, Killer Bangs) and Younger Me can be found here.