Tigers Jaw admit to being “Nervous Kids” on new track from upcoming album Charmer

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After losing three members last year, Scranton’s Tigers Jaw is roaring with a new single called “Nervous Kids”. The grungy angst of the new track, which is set to appear on their upcoming disc Charmer, finds the duo painting an honest self-portrait on a simple, melodic canvas. Pick up Charmer when it arrives June 3rd and stay tuned for details on the band’s US tour.


Run For Cover Records signs Scranton locals, Petal

Petal | Photo via Run For Cover Records

Run For Cover Records recently announced the signing of Scranton locals, Petal. Founded by Kiley Lotz in 2012, the band has a rotating lineup that consists of members from Tigers Jaw, Captain We’re Sinking, Three Man Cannon, Halfling, and Wicca Phase Springs EternalScout is the debut five song EP from Petal, consisting of songs that fall in right in place with the Scranton scene and the band’s new label. Featuring Brianna Collins and Ben Walsh of Tigers Jaw, the EP is somewhat laid back with an undertone of anger and frustration. This is a punk-influenced indie rock band that is worth keeping an eye on. Stream Scout below. Petal performs at The Menzingers and Tigers Jaw sold out holiday show this December 21st in Scranton, PA.


The Menzingers and Tigers Jaw headlining hometown holiday show in Scranton on 12/21

Photo by Rachel Del Sordo |
Photo by Rachel Del Sordo |

The Menzingers and Tigers Jaw recently announced that they will headline a holiday show in their hometown of Scranton on December 21st. Playing at the St Stanislaus Youth Center alongside other local acts like Captain We’re Sinking, Three Man Cannon, Halfling, and more, this is as much a holiday celebration as it is a celebration of how much good music has come out of the Philly burbs and eastern Pennsylvania in the past few years. Especially in the way of emo and indie punk, The Menzingers and Tigers Jaw are often cited as artists that are “bringing emo back.” Not that it ever really went away, but it is good to see these bands getting recognition and holding gatherings of this sort. There will be a total of nine bands playing on the lineup, and it is a mere $15, so it is sure to sell out by the day of the show. Plan ahead and get your tickets here.

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Tigers Jaw releases new song, “Hum,” off forthcoming LP

Tigers Jaw has gone through some band drama recently. What was previously reported as a breakup was more recently discovered as the departure of three members of the Pennsylvania punk outfit, but that has not stopped the core duo from performing and releasing new songs in the past few months.

Their newest single, “Hum,” is the first off of their fourth full length album which will be released in early 2014. Recorded with the staying and leaving members of Tigers Jaw at Studio 4, this song is every bit as lazy and groovy as the band ever was. Brianna Collin’s voice sounds wonderful, and it will not be a bad thing if she takes over more of the singing on the next record. With classic Tigers Jaw harmonies, the chorus bulks up as she and Ben Walsh sing “I’m always talkng in circles / I always think until i cant sleep / you are the leaves at my feet / you are the hum of electric heat / I kept myself away / but I’m starting to like the pain.”

The departing members of the bands will be missed, but this single shows that they can progress even through line up changes.


Getting cozy with Anthony Green and Tigers Jaw at Will Yip’s first Studio 4 Session

Anthony Green | Photo by Allison Newbold | All photos by Allison Newbold |

The act of producer Will Yip opening Conshohoken’s Studio 4 this weekend for a pair of intimate acoustic shows this weekend was like opening the door to his home, and he treated the audience like family.

Yip, known for his production work in the punk and alternative spheres with bands like Circa Survive, Balance and Composure, Title Fight and Tigers Jaw, put on the shows as part of his fundraising efforts to stake co-ownership of the studio, for which he also launched a webstore and will release a compilation album on October 8th.

Tigers Jaw | Photo by Allison Newbold |
Tigers Jaw | Photo by Allison Newbold |

The Friday night audience were welcomed to 24 chairs set up in the studio’s live room and Off The Board: A Studio 4 Family Compilation playing as the house music. Yip invited guests to get comfortable, offering refreshments from the studio’s fridge saying “we’re all family here.” The tracking room acted as a green room for the night’s performers, which included Tigers Jaw’s Ben Walsh and Brianna Collins, and Circa Survive frontman Anthony Green as the headlining act.

Helping to greet guests was Grammy-winning producer and Studio 4 founder Phil Nicolo, who cracked jokes about Will and how clean the space was before settling in to run sound for the night.

“Thanks for supporting this and the process of making awesome music,” Yip said to the crowd before the show began.

“The best part of being here is that we get to have fun and we get to make music,” Nicolo added. “What a great job, you know?”

Walsh and Collins started off their set with “Home” and “Chemicals,” followed by “Nervous Kids,” which they said would appear on a new forthcoming record. The band covered Title Fight’s “Where Am I?” dedicating the song to a friend who had recently passed away.

“I’m sure by now you know Will is putting out a comp,” Walsh joked with the audience before playing “Carry You Over,” the song Tigers Jaw offered up for the compilation (listen to it here), and ending with another new tune.

Yip shuffled around, setting up mics and checking sound before Green’s set. Yip recently recorded Green’s third solo album, Young Legs, which is due out in November.

Will Yip and crowd watching the inaugural Studio 4 Session | Photo by Allison Newbold |
Will Yip and crowd watching the inaugural Studio 4 Session | Photo by Allison Newbold |

“I want everyone to turn around and look at this guy right here, Will Yip. He’s the reason everyone’s here,” said Green before starting his set, gaining applause from the audience. He added that the first time he set foot in Studio 4, he thought about how cool it would be to have a show in the space.

“I’m so glad we’re doing it,” Green said. “I’ve spent so many hours in here jamming, sweating and putting songs together.”

Green certainly didn’t hold back in front of the captivated audience, playing songs off Young Legs and running the gamut of older songs as fans sung along. He also threw in a cover of the Fleet Foxes’ “Someone You’d Admire,” needing a few moments to remember how to play the opening chords.

“You guys are so quiet, it’s mega weird,” he said of the intimate setting. “It’s like playing in my bedroom. I just got chills.”

Green thanks the audience for their undivided attention, calling the quiet the “utmost sign of respect.” He ended the set with “James,” while also sharing stories about his family and his son, for whom the song was written.

After extending an invitation to stay and hang out, or even join him for after-party bowling, Yip ended the show and thanked everyone for their support.

It was a great night for all to feel like a part of the Studio 4 family, in the place they call home.


Listen to “Carry You Over” by Tigers Jaw from Will Yip’s Off The Board comp, win tickets to see them at Studio 4 tomorrow

Studio4The other day, Conshohocken-based producer Will Yip posted the image you see above to his Instagram. “Something really fun is gonna go down this weekend,” he wrote. Indeed, it’s the first of his Studio 4 Sessions show: tonight and tomorrow, Anthony Green of Circa Survive will perform new material, and members of Tigers Jaw will play an opening set, with some Q&A time in between for a small crowd in the intimate confines of the studio.

Both artists are featured on Yip’s forthcoming release Off The Board: A Studio 4 Family Compilation, and both the album and the sessions are intended raise money so the producer – who’s worked with Title Fight, Balance and Composure, Man Overboard and so many others in the regional alt-rock universe – make the studio his permanent home. (Read more in Beth Ann Downey’s interview with Yip here.)

Below, listen to “Carry You Over,” Tigers Jaw’s contribution. Want to check out the Session tomorrow night? Let us know why in the comments. We’ll pick a random winner this afternoon.


Photos: Tigers Jaw played their final Philly show at the First Unitarian Church

Tiger's Jaw | Photo by Abi Reimold |
Tiger’s Jaw | Photo by Abi Reimold |

All photos by Abi Reimold |

Scranton DIY punk five-piece Tiger’s Jaw announced earlier this spring that their summer tour would be its last. That tour rolled through Philadelphia for a sweaty and packed show in the basement of the First Unitarian Church last Friday. Our contributing photographer Abi Reimold captured some of the mayhem with the lens; check out the gallery below for her images of the headliners, as well as openers Pianos Become The Teeth and Dad Punchers. (NONA also rocked an early opening set too, and if you don’t know them, you should.) For another perspective on the show, check out this review on WKDU’s new Communiqué blog, where writer Nick Sukiennik reflects that the music resonated just as much as ever knowing he was hearing it live for probably the last time:

With songs like “Chemicals,” and “I Saw Water,” there is a certain existential theme behind their lyrics that makes their other topics of relationships and heartbreak seem almost insignificant in comparison. This may be the reason the impact of their songs has not dwindled over the years.

Tiger’s Jaw’s tour wraps up in August in the UK opening for The Menzingers, their final show will be August 11th in Dublin. Remaining dates can be found here.