Philadelphia Bandcamp Hunter: Tumblewoof’s Russelfolk​/​Remixes EP

20-year-old DJ/musician Tumblewoof first appeared on our radar in April with his Phoenix & Lil’ Wayne EP, a four-song set of mash-ups of the French pop group and the rap mega-star. On Monday, the Cherry Hill, NJ-based artist, also known as Dylan Sieh, released a 7-track EP entitled Russelfolk?/?Remixes. The album finds Sieh delving further into the glimmering pool that is chillwave, and features remixes of songs by from Childish Gambino’s “Let Me Dope You” to The Carpenters’ “Rainy Daze Mondays.” Each remix transforms the original song into a smooth, trippy, glitchy lo-fi electro track, resulting in an easy-listening, ear-pleasing compilation.


Tumblewoof mashes up Phoenix and Lil Wayne

Cherry Hill, New Jersey based DJ and musician Tumblewoof recently released Phoenix Vs. Lil Wayne, a four-song EP of mashups of the French pop band Phoenix and rapper Lil Wayne.

Tumblewoof (Dylan Sieh) is a self-taught musician who has been in various bands; as Tumblewoof, he does computer-based music. He told us in an e-mail that he “is currently working on a mash-up album featuring various indie bands in a hip-hop manner.” Check out a couple of the tunes below, and you can download the entire collection here.