Tonight’s Concert Picks: Zydeco Party Gras at 7165 Lounge, Upperfields at Johnny Brenda’s, Chris Robinson Brotherhood at The TLA

Curley Taylor | photo by David Simpson

The weekend’s Mardi Gras celebrations continue tonight with Curley Taylor and Zydeco Trouble at 7165 Lounge in Germantown. The band helped to kick-off XPN’s Zydeco Crossroads project earlier this year at the Kimmel Center, introducing Philadelphia to the high energy dance music of Southwest Louisiana. Listen back to that performance below and get more information about tonight’s show on the Zydeco Crossroads website here.

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Watch Upperfields perform “Untethered Bells” for SoFAR Philly


Shaun Gould of Upperfields | Photo via
Shaun Gould of Upperfields | Photo via

Ottsville, Pa.’s Upperfields encompasses a laid-back, psych-folk sound that shines through in the new video for “Untethered Bells,” the final track from their latest, earthy EP, titled Waterways.

The four-piece performed “Untethered Bells” (catch the official EP version here) for SoFAR Philly, and the moody yet soothing track is reminiscent of tunes from bands like Fleet Foxes or The Shins. But overall, Upperfields has a sound that’s all their own. Continue reading →


Upperfields’ new single “Runner” sends us a message not to settle

Upperfields | photo by Corey Treadway | courtesy of the artist

Although Upperfields‘ second single “Runner” may sonically be very dream-like and whimsical, it is far heavier than it sounds.  Lead singer, Shaun Gould explains in a personal essay on yvynyl how the theme for the song was inspired from a two-week hospital visit when he was 15.  Gold recalls that while he was on morphine for the pain, he had vivid sci-fi-inspired dreams about “someone looking out of their confinement and longing for the free and sacred woods past the fence.”  “Runner” is about someone who wants the most out of life and will not settle for anything less than they deserve. Gould explains in his post on yvynyl that the message here is sometimes it may feel scary to step out of your comfort zone, but once you do it is completely worth it.

Escape in many situations is the first brave act we must make. Instead of being cowed with our certain and present unhappiness, we embrace the hope of the unknown and launch into it.

“Runner’s” airy melody manages to lull us into the type of fantasy world that Gold created in his dream.  They succeed in delivering a song that is both simultaneously carefree and serious.  Quite plainly, “Runner” is an uplifting reminder about chasing your dreams and feeling free to do so.

Listen to “Runner” below.  Upperfields will play an outdoor all ages show at The Random Tea Room on Saturday May 24th along with Heat Thunder.


Upperfields debut dreamy Random Tea Session

Upperfields | via
Upperfields | via

It’s romantic and it’s dreamy. Psych folk band Upperfields recently played a Random Tea Room Session, and the final product couldn’t have come out any better. Videographer Koofreh Umoren plays with subtle zooms, jump cuts and transitional focuses that colorfully play with the lyrics of the soft, supple song “Find My Way Home”. Check it out below. On May 28, the band returns to the Random Tea Room with Doylestown folk / psych outfit Heat Thunder. The show starts at 8 p.m. and ticket prices are TBA. Check out the session below.


Premiere: Upperfields “weave in silver waves” on new single “Seascape”

Upperfields | photo courtesy of the artist
Upperfields | photo by Corey Treadway

Bucks Country trio Upperfields have released a new single called “Seascape,” the outfit’s first studio release in a few years and a reworking of a demo from last September.

Originally the moniker of local musician Shaun David Gould, Upperfields now includes Lee Clarke on Bass and synths and Dustin Venuto Justin Leigh on drums.  With the expanded line-up comes a fuller, more lush sonic environment on “Seascape” that moves from plugged-in folk to upbeat, rousing synth pop with the inclusion of a frantic synth.  Upperfields recreate the feeling of swimming through the “silver waves” of the sea cave they’re singing about within this mini terrarium of a song, calling to mind equally environmentally-angled folk band Stornoway’s debut Beachcomber’s Windowsil (specifically “On the Rocks”).

Topically, the song is perhaps a play on “seascape” and “sea escape,” the “sea cave” acting as an other-worldy sanctuary for a foster child who’s life is otherwise lonely.  In his daily adventures swimming through the sea cave he creates his own Odyssey-like world where he is needed and loved as a hero, seeing things “they wouldn’t believe” and saving “distressed ships.”  Take a listen to the premiere of “Seascape” below.