Firefly on the Fly, Day Two: Weezer, Judah & The Lion, Sofi Tukker, Flume, Twenty One Pilots, and more

Weezer | Firefly Music Festival 2017 | Photo by John Vettese

Here’s a quick rundown of day two of the Firefly Music Festival. While there were over thirty bands on the schdedule on Friday, the big hits of the day were Twenty One Pilots — whose fans are the hypest people at the festival by far — and Judah & The Lion, who opened the main stage in the afternoon. Judah & The Lion joined Twenty One Pilots during their set to cover “Tubthumping” by Chumbawumba and “Jump Around” by House of Pain and the world exploded.

Sofi Tukker was the best set I saw today. The Brooklyn based duo – Sophie Hawley-Weld and Tucker Halpern – played very interactive dance rock with touches of South American percussion. Maggie Rogers came onstage to join in on a song with them. Banks was stunning; and her haunting performance was marked with beautiful sound, choreography, and a lot of awesome weirdness. Franz Ferdinand DJ’d Euro pop on the Treehouse Stage after their main stage set; and Louie Louie performed on the Campground Stage. Continue reading →


Weezer brings 20 years worth of summertime jams to BB&T

Weezer | photo by Ben Wong for WXPN | <a href= target="_blank"></a>
Weezer | photo by Ben Wong for WXPN |

Summer is officially here, which for avid concert-goers means it’s time for festivals, block parties, and mega-tours. This year, Weezer set the summer tone with Panic! at the Disco and Andrew McMahon, the lead singer of Jack’s Mannequin.

Headlining the sold out concert at the BB&T Pavilion, Weezer put on a show with full energy and visual creativity. Whether it was the bucket hats or the beach bungalow drummer, Patrick Wilson, played atop of, each song incorporated something to remind you what the season is all about. Everything from confetti and streamers filling the air to an old video of Venice Beach displayed behind the band screamed “summer in California.” Continue reading →


Tonight’s Concert Picks: PhillyBloco at World Cafe Live, Cuddle Magic at Rigby Mansion, Hollystock Festival in Mt. Holly, NJ

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Brazilian dance group PhillyBloco are bringing the party to World Cafe Live tonight. Recently, the 20 piece band brought its signature blend of pop and samba to the Northern Liberties’ “Saturday in the Park” concert, and played an energetic Key Studio Session with a mix of new and old sounds. The Key’s Sameer Rao dug into the roots and formation of the band in an interview last year, which you can read here. Listen to “Fest Para Um Rei Negro” below . Get more info about the show at the XPN Concert Calendar. Continue reading →


Weezer releases teaser for upcoming album produced by Ric Ocasek

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Over the course of the past several Wednesdays, Weezer, who is playing later this month at Dover International Speedway’s Firefly Music Festival, has been releasing teasers from their new album, which, by the way, is being produced by legendary Cars singer/guitarist Ric Ocasek.  The latest one of these teasers came this on Weezer’s website featuring a new Weezer song entitled “Ain’t Got Nobody.”

The 38-second clip is an eerie black and white video of an old television set showing a video of a car riding along a road in the middle of a mountainous area.  Most importantly though, the song sounds great.  It certainly seems like Weezer’s new album might sound a bit closer to their older (and by that I mean better) stuff from the mid 90s and early 2000s.  Take a look at the teaser below.


20 years of destroyed sweaters and Weezer’s Blue Album

weezer-blue-album-coverWhen their self-titled debut album arrived on May 10, 1994, Weezer did what a lot of post-Nirvana bands couldn’t: to mold a sound that was unmistakably their own. Whether you remember making the trip to Tower Records on South Street to buy a copy when it hit shelves 20 years ago or discovered it many years later as a teenager (like myself), you knew this record was special. Dubbed the “Blue Album” due to its artwork’s background, it found frontman Rivers Cuomo unabashedly nerdy and sincere in a way that only he could be through his lyrics and vocal delivery.

Insanely melodic? Yes. Era-defining? Yes. When you hear the opening chords of “My Name is Jonas”, it’s them knocking you out of your world and into theirs and your first thought is probably: “Who is Jonas?” and you come to love the guy simply because he inspired such a great song (it’s actually inspired partly by River’s brother and Lois Lowry’s novel The Giver, depending on the source). There’s a theme of abandonment and loneliness that sort of says it’s okay to be open and bluntly state your predicament without fear of judgment. It doesn’t get anymore blunt than “The World Has Turned and Left Me Here” just by the title alone, but by the end when you’re chanting “Do you believe what I sing now?” at the top of your lungs you realize it’s gotta be more than that.

In the same vein, Weezer embraces solitude and feeling safe and content in your own world when we hear Cuomo listing all things that make him content despite being unheard and unnoticed by the outside world when he’s “In the Garage” which may seem like a contradiction on the surface but it’s a clear distinction between being lonely involuntarily and being alone by choice. Singles “Buddy Holly”, “Say It Ain’t So”, and “Undone (The Sweater Song)” all stand out for different reasons. The first is super melodic Weezer, the second is semi-aggressive Weezer, and the last being super-strange-but-so-catchy-you-can’t-resist Weezer. It’s the combination of all three modes that gives the entire record such vitality that was so fresh and memorable back then and even more so now when we jam to it 20 years later.

Check out live local performances of songs from the album below and (dare I say it) pick a favorite. Some of these come from a holiday show the band did with the now defunct commercial alternative radio station WDRE.

1. “My Name is Jonas” live at The Electric Factory, 1996

2. “Buddy Holly” live at The Electric Factory, 1996

3.. “Undone (The Sweater Song)”, live at The Electric Factory, 1996

4. “Say It Ain’t So”, live at The Electric Factory, 1996

5. “In The Garage”, live at the Tweeter Center (now known as Susquehanna Bank Center), 2002