Worriers sign to 6131 Records, reissue an extended version of Survival Pop

Worriers | photo by Molly Adams | courtesy of the artist

A year ago, Lauren Denitzio’s geographically roving punk outfit Worriers released their latest LP, the excellent Survival Pop. Now, after a busy year of touring behind the release, Worriers have announced that they’ve signed with the Richmond-based label 6131 Records, which has reissued Survival Pop with two new tracks. It’s out now digitally, and will also be available on CD and vinyl (pre-order here).

The extended version of Survival Pop includes the addition of a previously unreleased track called “The Saddest Little Waffle House in Eastern Pennsylvania.” Continue reading →


Worriers and Beach Slang will open for The Hold Steady next week at Union Transfer

Worriers | photo by Jake Cunningham | courtesy of the artist

Next week, The Hold Steady embarks on their long-awaited two night run at Union Transfer, and we’ve just caught word of who will be opening the shows. Night one on July 26 kicks off with indie favorites Beach Slang, who are making a quick return to town after performing at Underground Arts last week in support of their latest album, Everything Matters But No One Is Listening. The second night on July 27 brings punk outfit Worriers, the project of Philly-based musician Lauren Denitzio, to the stage; they recently toured with The Wonder Years after releasing their sophomore album Survival Pop last fall. Continue reading →


Worriers meditate on getting through the times in “No More Bad News” from Kevin Devine split

Worriers | photo by Jake Cunningham | courtesy of the artist

Following a whirlwind album cycle last fall, Worriers are back at it once again. The recently-Philly punk band, led by vocalist/songwriter Lauren Denitzio, is currently out on tour, but found time to contribute a song to the latest installment in musician Kevin Devine’s Devinyl Splits series.

The song, “No More Bad News,” is a last-minute addition to the series, after scheduling conflicts forced the next slated Devinyl release to be delayed. But you couldn’t tell by listening to it. Matching the tone of Worriers’ latest LP Survival Pop, “No More Bad News” is a steady, slow-burning meditation on what makes us keep living our lives each day in a world constantly bombarded by bad news. Continue reading →


The Art of Being Self Aware: Hurry talks coffee, dad hats, The Oneders, and their infectious new Every Little Thought

Hurry | photo by Chris Sikich | courtesy of the artist

It’s about 5:30 pm on a particularly dreary Monday afternoon and Matt Scottoline is sitting across from me, politely trying his darndest to hide his feelings of horror towards news I just shared with him. “I always tell people that if you want to buy better coffee, the best thing you can do is only buy coffee that has a roast date printed on the bag,” he offers half-optimistically, half-pitifully, attempting to guide the low-life caffeine junkie that I am towards a more moderately respectable life direction.  

We’re chatting at a small table at Fishtown’s ReAnimator Coffee — Philly’s premiere specialty micro brew roaster, where Scottoline works when he’s not power-pop rocking as frontman of Hurry — and I had just told him that I frequently purchase and drink the likes of Maxewell House and Folgers.

As Scottoline takes intermittent swigs from an extra tall boy of fizzy water (trying to, I’m sure, calm his unease of speaking with such a brew plebeian, or maybe more realistically because he drinks coffee all day long) I’m sipping some of ReAnimator’s drip coffee black, which reminds me like a good ole’ slap to the face that a cup of joe can be more than just some bitter bean juice. By George, it can actually taste good too.  

Man, who knew that’s what happens when people put time and intricate care into their work? Because that’s what Scottoline and the crew does here. Helping his friends Mark Corpus and Mark Capriotti when they opened the shop a little more than a few years back, Scottoline stuck around working at the café until eventually evolving into his current position as Director of Coffee. This simultaneously epic and simply-named title entails tasks such as figuring out what coffees to buy and roast, and essentially handling quality control.

Basically, he’s ReAnimator’s coffee grounds-keeper. And though we only spoke on the topic for a few minutes in lighthearted fun, it was easy to gather the level of seriousness he puts into this work. The same is true for his other artistic project, Hurry. Continue reading →


Hurry’s “Every Little Thought” is heard crystal clear in fuzz-less, power-pop direction

Hurry | photo by Jeremy Zimmerman |

Earlier this month, Hurry’s single “Waiting For You,” tore away the distorted film of 2016’s Guided Meditation to reveal its clean and pure power-pop tune core. Now, Hurry has shared a second single — the namesake of the new record, “Every Little Thought” — which keeps the fuzz away as it both shines and sulks.

With Matt Scottoline’s saccharine vocals, hooky harmonies, and easy surf vibes, “Every Little Thought” drives straight into the sun-soaked sixties era. But with melancholic, heartfelt lyrics ditching commercial fluff, it’s more akin to an authentically vulnerable bandstand group — like if Tom Hanks fictional concoction The Oneders (I’m from Erie, PA, sue me) turned beautifully emo. Continue reading →


Find your community in Worriers’ new video for “The Possibility”

Worriers | photo by Jake Cunningham | courtesy of the artist

Philly-via-Brooklyn punk rockers Worriers take us to through a sunny summer day in Asbury Park in their new video for “The Possibility,” a track from the band’s recently-released sophomore album Survival Pop. As we follow the video’s protagonist around on a bicycle, though, it becomes clear that the laid-back vibes of the Jersey Shore aren’t always so idyllic.

“The Possibility” is songwriter Lauren Denitzio’s response to growing up queer in New Jersey, feeling out of place and trying to find community. “Searching for a song about a love that might have been between anxiety and hindsight,” Denitzio sings, as we see just how isolating a crowded boardwalk can be. The video, directed by Emily Dubin, ends with Denitzio and their bandmates welcoming the lonely character into their party, as they all take comfort in their group of friends. Continue reading →


The Key Studio Sessions: Worriers

As far as album titles to encapsulate the state of the world in the year 2017, Survival Pop is about as on the nose as you can get.

The sophomore outing from punk rock four-piece Worriers — the project of singer / guitarist Lauren Denitzio, who relocated to Philadelphia from Brooklyn last year — boils over with rage and frustration in an era where the rights of marginalized members of American society are under attack.
Continue reading →


Tonight’s Concert Picks: Cool Moon at Lava Space, Worriers at Johnny Brenda’s, The Hooters at Keswick Theater, and a whole bunch more

Cool Moon | photo via artist’s Facebook page

Houston’s Cool Moon is passing through Philly tonight at West Philly’s Lava Space. Helmed by frontwoman Andrea Lisi — who was the lead singer of the early aughties’ DIY D.C. power trio, Del Cielo — this new trio still rocks just as hard. Find more info on the show over at the XPN Concert Calendar, then stream their latest album Postparty Depression on Spotify below. Continue reading →


Worriers share new single “Gaslighter,” gear up for Johnny Brenda’s show in November

Worriers | photo by Jake Cunningham | courtesy of the artist

The release of Worriers‘ upcoming LP Survival Pop is just a few weeks away, and the anticipation is building as the band shares the album’s third single, called “Gaslighter.” The Philly punks recently moved to town via Brooklyn, and we’re so glad they did — it’s always great to be able to say that one of our up-and-coming favorite bands is from our hometown. Even better, Lauren Dinitzio and crew are bringing their new tunes to Johnny Brenda’s for a record release show on Nov. 3. They’ll be joined by fellow Philly acts Thin Lips and Katie Ellen for the celebratory show. Continue reading →