Listen to the #XPNAtoZ Leftovers Weekend

Last December, XPN spent a few weeks in alphabet city, playing songs from the XPN musical universe from A to Z. Not played were the songs that started with numbers and parentheses, holding them off for the future. The future comes this weekend, starting Friday, April 7th at 7pm with an A to Z Leftovers Weekend. Continue reading →


You’re listening to the quiet sounds of #XPNAtoZ Sleepy Hollow

Ryley Walker’s 2016 record Golden Songs That Have Been Sung

We’ve got one more weekend of the XPN A to Z, so the folks here at Sleepy Hollow decided to give you our own A to Z this weekend with this Spotify playlist. Rather than simply choosing songs that begin with each letter, we put together a show as usual and then laid it out in alphabetical order. Take a look for themes throughout the playlist (note “Snaker Ray Has Come and Gone” and “Dust My Broom” by Snaker Ray w/ Koerner & Glover) along with some pretty wild transitions. We hope you’ll enjoy this and make sure to tune in next weekend for the return of Sleepy Hollow! Continue reading →


The #XPNAtoZ by the numbers

XPN data crunch by Bruce
XPN data crunch by Bruce Segal

Like many of you, Bruce Segal is just another lover of the XPN A to Z. So much so, that the Lincoln Financial digital analytics manager decided to put his work knowledge to work on the A to Z. Segal, who has an extensive background and experience in strategic data and marketing analysis is becoming the Nate Silver of the XPN A to Z. Continue reading →


The best 25 tweets we’ve seen about #XPNAtoZ (so far)

photo by Tyler Asay for WXPN

We’re just over a week into our #XPNAtoZ special. If you haven’t tuned in, don’t worry — as of this writing, we are still on the letter L, meaning we’ve got half the alphabet to go! The #XPNAtoZ hashtag is the destination of a perpetual flow of commentary on our programming adventure. We love reading the feedback (good and bad) from our listeners and hearing about the memories sparked by each song. Continue reading →


#XPNAtoZ: What songs are missing?

A2Z_logo_FINAL_SocialWell, folks, we’re eight days into the XPN A To Z and we’ve yet to hit the middle of the alphabet (as of this writing we’re up to the letter “J”), and the song “Jennifer Juniper” by Donovan is playing. We’ve reached the 2000 plus not one-song-repeated point, with The Beatles leading the most amount of songs in the A to Z so far. Continue reading →


Get up with the #XPNAtoZ Funky Friday get down

Normally, we’d spend Friday evenings listening to David Dye funking up the airwaves with his long-running Funky Friday show. This week, however, the funk is on pause due to the #XPNAtoZ countdown. Some religious listeners were not too happy with this, and they made their voices heard on social media. And to be quite honest, the funk cannot be held back. So we here at XPN HQ compiled this list of alphabetical funk for you, from “Atomic Dog” to “Zeke The Freak.” If you need Funk in your Friday, you can find it in this two-hour playlist. Listen to it below, via Spotify, and funk on! Continue reading →


All about the XPN A to Z

Welcome to our annual Fall programming event! The first ever XPN A to Z launches today with Morning Show host Kristen Kurtis. We’ll play thousands and thousands of XPN songs in alphabetical order, starting with “ABC” by the Jackson 5 until we hit the final Z. Continue reading →