Watch Wilco, playing AmericanaRama – XPoNential Music fest in July, cover Daft Punk

Wilco, WXPN XPoNential Music Festival, 2012
Wilco, WXPN XPoNential Music Festival, 2012
This weekend is Wilco’s music and arts festival Solid Sound at the Massacheusetts Museum of Contemporary Art. Last night, during their all fan request show (featuring covers of songs by Thin Lizzy, Cheap Trick, Yo La Tengo, The Kinks, Bob Dylan, Pavement and The Beatles), they performed a cover of Daft Punk’s “Get Lukcy.” Wilco, along with Bob Dylan, My Morning Jacket and Ryan Bingham are playing the AmericanaRama Festival of Music on Sunday, July 28th that is part of the XPoNential Music Festival with a three day “go everywhere” festival pass. Go to buy your tickets.


Tonight’s Concert Pick: Stay home, stay dry, listen to Dawes’ stormy XPoFest set

Photo by Rachel Barrish

It’s a little bit rainy today, if you haven’t noticed. All but three of tonight’s concert options have been called off due to Hurricane Sandy, and really, it’s a safer and dryer bet to bunker down at home and pretend you’re at a stormy concert. So here’s our favorite one of those in recent memory: Dawes‘ performance in the rain from this summer’s XPoNential Music Festival. You can listen to the set in its entirety here (via the WXPN media player) – the mega-singalong to “When My Time Comes” is magic. And while you’re digging into our festival archives, we suggest getting ready for this Friday’s Free at noon by listening to J.D. McPherson’s set, and celebrate the return of The Lumineers in January by hearing their set. Keep dry and rock on!


In Case You Missed It: Watch Out of Town Films’ XPoFest coverage

During the past week, the guys at Out of Town Films released three videos they shot at this year’s XPoNential Music Festival – a performance just outside the festival grounds by Delta Rae, a song sung on the empty Susquehanna Bank Center lawn by The Bailey Hounds, and restroom session from Field Report. In case you missed them, check out all three videos below.

Delta Rae “Bottom of the River”

The Bailey Hounds “Oh My Demons, How They Wander”

Field Report “Fergus Falls”


Watch Field Report perform in the Susquehanna Bank Center bathroom during XPo Fest, shot by Out of Town Films

The third and final video that Out of Town Films shot at XPoNential Music Festival spotlighted the excellent, emotive Wisconsin band Field Report, who played the Susquehanna Bank Center on Sunday night and decided to perform for the cameras in the venue’s bathroom. From the filmmakers:

Dave, Field Reports manager, was already eyeing up the large restroom located some hundred feet from the concession stand. I mentioned we’ve done a shoot in a bathroom before with Jason from The Homophones, but, that was really only confined to a particular stall. So, we made our way towards the bathroom, instruments in hand, and walked into the gym-smelling facilities of the men’s restroom. They performed a song called “Fergus Falls,” and here is what came of that performance. Enjoy.

Bonus trivia: Field Report used to go by the name Conrad Plymouth, and in 2011 they recorded a studio session for XPN2’s Folkadelphia – including the song you hear above – with Tim Showalter from Strand of Oaks guesting on guitar. You can download that entire session here. Check back to The Key tomorrow for continued video coverage from XPo Fest!


Watch The Bailey Hounds perform on the lawn of the Susquehanna Bank Center for Out of Town Films at XPoNential Festival

The XPoNential Music Festival coverage from Out of Town Films continues today with their video of The Bailey Hounds performing the song “Oh My Demons, How They Wander.” The Out of Town guys are quite adept at finding unusual locations for their shoots, and this one is no exception, with the gothic Americana band performing on the empty lawn of the Susquehanna Bank Center. Check out the video below.


Watch Delta Rae perform “Bottom of the River” for Out of Town Films at XPoNential Festival

North Carolina six-piece Delta Rae was a hit at the Saturday afternoon Marina Stage during this year’s XPoNential Music Festival. While they were warming up for their set, the guys at Out of Town Films filmed them performing for a small crowd just outside the festival grounds. From their website:

A large crowd of people gathered a couple hundred feet away from WXPN’s XPoNential Festival, looking onward as Delta Rae rehearsed some vocal harmonies in preparation of their ensuing performance. The crowd looked on in anticipation, wondering possibly who they were, who we were with the cameras, and what exactly was about to happen.

Much to the crowd’s surprise, I invited them to come closer to sit in the mix of the band. Although a bit hesitant to make the first move, they happily joined the band along the riverside stairs. The band asked the crowd if they’d like drumsticks, to help participate in the song that required some extensive rhythm.

Again a bit hesitant, however, the band mentioned they had more than enough drumsticks for everyone. With that, about fifteen pairs of drumsticks were passed out, and the following performance of “Bottom Of The River” occurred. Enjoy.

Watch the video below, and check out photos from their Marina Stage set here.


XPoNential Fest: John Wesley Harding’s Cabin of Wonders (photos, audio, setlist)

On Sunday, a new twist for the XPO Fest included a comedy/musical variety show hosted by John Wesley Harding entitled “John Wesley Harding’s Cabinet of Wonders”. Harding curated, hosted, and performed during the set renouncing stories, live poetry, and sing-a-long’s. For each show, he handpicks different artists to collaborate together to perform weird, out of the ordinary pieces. This performance featured guests, Megan Reilly, Rhett Miller, and others. To learn more about the show go to NPR’s website. Check out the photo gallery above and listen to the entire set here (via the XPN media player). Continue reading →