Philly Local Philes: The Lightning Bug Situation’s “For Nancy, With A Bruised Heart”

The Lightning Bug Situation

It was one of those humbling, “This music is incredible, why did I not find out about it sooner?” moments. And, being a firm believer in Giving Credit Where Credit’s Due, I’ve got to send a big thanks to Philly Rock Blog for reviewing the latest release by this band I’d never heard of (but NPR Music apparently had) called The Lightning Bug Situation. The project of singer-songwriter Brian Miller, LBS has quite the rich catalogue that stretches back to the Lancaster native’s time living in San Francisco in his 20s. Marriage and fatherhood recently brought the 33-year-old Miller back east, and he resettled in Philadelphia; Call is the first album he’s released since arriving, and it’s a sublime collection of thoughtful songs and haunting sonic tapestries.  Some moments, such as the title track, build and bubble into a skittery electro-pop eruption (not unlike The Album Leaf). Others, including the below-linked “For Nancy, With A Bruised Heart,” lean more toward the quiet contemplation of Red House Painters or Iron And Wine. (I love the imagery in the song, the idea of taking comfort in mixtapes and iPod playlists – totally fits this dusky season.) Check the track out, stream the whole album at the band’s website, and if you’re still unsated, we’ve also posted a YouTube clip from their record-release show at West Philly’s Studio 34 last month. Fun fact: the Nancy in that song title? She’s onstage.



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