Helen Leicht’s 2nd Annual XPN Local “Home For The Holidays” show tonight at 10 p.m.


Tonight at 10 p.m., Helen Leicht is hosting the second annual “Home For The Holidays” show, which was recorded at the home of Scot Sax and includes performances by Sax, Chris Kasper, Suzie Brown, Phil D’Agostino, The Fleeting Ends, and others. The set is highlighted by John Galla’s cover of Alan Mann’s little-known 1983 Christmas song “Christmas On The Block,” which is about the blind residents of a group house in Upper Darby, who—despite their inability to see—made an annual tradition of decorating a Christmas tree in front of their home. You can check out the full set list—as well as a video preview (recorded by none other than Kuf Knotz)—below; tune in later tonight to listen to the show.

1. Scot Sax “Holiday Road”
2. Chris Kasper “Silver Bells”
3. Suzie Brown “By the Mark”
4. Phil D’Agostino “O Christmas Tree”
5. The Fleeting Ends “Little Drummer boy”
6. John Galla “Winter Wonderland”
7. John Galla “Christmas On The Block”
8. John Stanton “Father Christmas”
9. Jake Snider “A Holiday”
10. Brad Hinton “Blue Christmas”
11. All “Imagine”

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