The elusive “Two-Piece Fest 4”: It’s real—just like Bigfoot. (And we have photographic evidence)

Two-Piece Fest 4

Try as it might, no word-of-mouth festival at a DIY venue is entirely safe from the all-knowing eyes of the Internet. Of course, any festival that has event pages on Facebook and Myspace (as this year’s “Two-Piece Fest” does) isn’t really all that hush-hush to begin with—even if those pages contain relatively limited information. (“KEEP THE ADDRESS OFF THE INTERNET!,” says the Facebook page, as if half the city doesn’t already know where The Ox is—and the other half can’t find the address online.) Last Friday morning, Y Rock’s John Vettese snapped this photo of a flier for the show, which is the first real-life confirmation of the event we’ve seen so far. (The “official hard copy” of the flier was posted on Facebook less than 24 hours ago.) This year’s not-so-secret lineup features several of the same acts as last year (including The Joint Chiefs Of Math, Hulk Smash, Best Friends, and Peter And Craig), but seriously, how many two-piece bands do you expect the city of Philadelphia to produce?

Actually, as the flier shows, Philly has produced a good number of musical duos. Is that due to indie-nation’s current obsession over all things stripped down and lo-fi? Or maybe it’s just because most musicians are stubborn pains in the asses—and the fewer people in any given band, the better? Either way, the event organizers aren’t into exclusivity: This year’s Two-Piece Fest at The Ox on Feb. 26 is bookended by a “One-Piece Fest” (Feb. 25 at The Mausoleum) and a “Three-Piece Fest” (Feb. 27 at Danger Danger Gallery).

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