The Key Studio Sessions: Johnny Miles And The Waywards get a head start on road-trip rock ’n’ roll


It might seem early in the season for road-trip rock ’n’ roll—but, given the punch and panache of Johnny Miles And The Waywards’ recent Key Studio Session, hopefully you’ll forgive our head start. The South Philly/South Jersey six-piece evokes dusty travels and self-discovery in its music, which ranges from boisterous (love Carl Cheeseman’s lead guitar lick on “Hanging On To The Hoping”) to contemplative (keyboardist Nate Gonzales rocked an admirable accordion on the breathless “Sailors”). This set of songs will take you rambling right on into the spring—and, if you feel like making a pit stop enroute to catch the Waywards live, they play Oaklyn, NJ’s Studio Lulou on April 9 with Chris Kasper and Up The Chain; on April 15 they’re at Connie’s Ric Rac in South Philly.

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