My Morning Download: “Have A Seat” by Phil D’Agostino


Photo by Howard Pitkow
Photo by Howard Pitkow
Philly bassist Phil D’Agostino is typically the guy you see somewhere behind the lead singer of a band, out of the spotlight, working the groove with drummer. Last week though, the light shined on Phil as he released a new album, Inlets, and played his record release party at Ardmore Music Hall. This past year, Phil has worked on records by some of our favorite locals including Chris Kasper, Scot Sax, Ali Wadsworth, Brad Hinton, Quarry St Hymnal (Bethany Brooks), Joe D’Amico, and The Doublewides. It’s actually incredible to think that a guy this busy had time to record his own album, however Inlets was recorded in one day at Kawari Sound. D’Agostino says the record was done “live in one day with very little overdubbing, editing, or rehearsal. What you hear is what we played.”

Phil was recently profiled by Kate Bracaglia. Kate writes:

For D’Agostino, music is more than just a hobby—it’s a full-time job. He makes his living playing gigs, teaching music, and working as a session musician—a set-up he loves due to its warm environment and flexible schedule. “It’s a great gig,” he says with a smile—“but it’s also more that. The people I play with give me the confidence and inspiration to make my own music. My days are filled with beautiful people who cram my head full of creativity.”

Below, download the funky “Have A Seat” from Inlets.

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