Jay Gonzalez of the Drive-By Truckers steps out with a solo release

Jay Gonzalez | Photo by Greg Chow
Jay Gonzalez | Photo by Greg Chow

Calling all power pop fans! Jay Gonzalez, from the Drive-By Truckers, is stepping out from behind the keyboards and releasing a solo EP, The Bitter Suite, on April 7th.

The EP is a 13-minute, five-song power pop medley, and was funded with a Kickstarter campaign. About the project, Gonzalez wrote:

Full disclosure: I possess the attention span of a goldfish. I’m a sucker for short pop songs filled with hooks and devoid of filler. Equally satisfying is a succinctly composed overture, that opening section of musicals and albums that quotes and connects the best parts of the big songs in interesting ways. There are great overtures at the beginning of West Side Story and the Who album Tommy. Sometimes I don’t even make it past the overture; why bother if the best bits are already there at the top?

But I’m also a fan of longer medleys (or suites, if we’re using the fancy term.) Think of the Who’s mini-opera “A Quick One While He’s Away” or side two of Abbey Road. Despite their current reputation for being archaic or hokey — or maybe because of it — I love hearing similarly themed, but musically varied, songs interwoven into a longer piece.

With all that in mind, it was no surprise when I found I’d written a series of short pop songs which, upon closer inspection, shared a common thread. Each one touched upon a series of recent upheavals in my life.

Below, download “Light Side Of The Leaves.”

You can pre-order the album here.

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