Still New Wave after all these years: download a new song by The Monochrome Set


The Monochrome Set | Photo credit: Martin Morris
The Monochrome Set | Photo credit: Martin Morris

The Monochrome Set, are a London based indie band formed during the glory days of New Wave and art school punk rock in the late 70s. The seeds of The Monochrome Set began with the B-Sides, a band that included bassist Stuart Goddard who would become Adam of Adam & the Ants.

Unhappy with the direction of this new band, two of its members, Bid (vocalist and guitarist Ganesh Seshadri), and guitarist Lester Square formed The Monochrome Set, later to be joined by Andy Warren from the Ants. They released several important and acclaimed singles for Rough Trade Records including “He’s Frank,” “Alphaville,” and “The Monochrome Set.” Championed by BBC DJ John Peel, the band’s songs were noted for their angular guitar-driven melodicism and lead singer Bid’s detached vocal delivery. They broke up in the Nineties, however Bid, Warren and Square reformed in 2008 for a 30th anniversary show in London. The Monochrome Set were an important influence on many a British band; you can hear them in The Smiths, the Gang of Four, Franz Ferdinand, Belle & Sebastian, Echo & the Bunnymen, and Blur. While they were acclaimed in the underground music press throughout the early part of their career for their initial singles and first several full length releases (Strange Boutique and Eligible Bachelors), they never quite reached the level of mainstream success of some of the bands that came out around that same time.

While Bid has released several solo albums, The Monochrome Set have a new album – Spaces Everywhere – out now, and the band continues to include long time members Bid, Warren and Square. Below, download a new song, “Oh, You’re Such A Star.”

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