Delta Rae brings their relentless spirit to World Cafe Live at the Queen

Delta Rae | Photo by Matthew Shaver |
Delta Rae | Photo by Matthew Shaver |

What is it about Americana infused folk rock that makes siblings gravitate towards it seemingly more than any other genre?  I forgot to ask that to the members of Delta Rae, from North Carolina, by way of Fleetwood Mac. They were too busy gleefully bouncing around the stage at World Cafe Live at The Queen, so I don’t think they’d have answered anyhow.  A pleasing mix of the folk, pop-rock, and fun, their relentless spirit to their craft was fully on display. They could have easily shown up just to play, but worked it like this was the most important stop on the tour.

I’m willing to put down money that suburban Philly native Liz Longley was in the same school of crummy relationships as Taylor Swift at the same time.  While preferring the singer songwriter route to the pop-idol road to success, LL was not shy about making some bad choices in the past.  But she’s now based in the dog-eat-dog world of Nashville, and her stories from the town have made for some entertaining fodder (one song about a man and his new woman was met with retaliation when it came to light that the new girl was a songwriter too), as well as a hefty catalog of music for the young songstress to choose from.

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