What band are you going to be for Halloween? A look at covers parties in Philly this weekend

Vita and the Woolf | Photo by Michelle Montgomery | michellemontgomeryphotography.com
Vita and the Woolf | Photo by Michelle Montgomery | michellemontgomeryphotography.com

Let’s face it, the adult Halloween is only really fun if you get to get boozed up, listen to some music and dance while dressed ridiculously. Or is that just me? Regardless there are some rockin’ shows this weekend where all of the aforementioned are encouraged – and pretty much required.

To start things off, Mantua Yacht Club will host a pre-hallow’s eve costume bash tonight which will see covers of alt-rockers Weezer and Manchester Orchestra from Plainview and members of New Jersey’s Toy Cars and Goodbye Tiger. Local alt-punk band Mike Pays Heat will bring out their country tinge with a cover set of Counting Crows. The night will also cover sets from Wil Shade and Elizabeth Clyde who will play Rage Against the Machine and The White Stripes respectively. You can check out the full set list and find out more information on the show here.

Go full-on grunge tonight in preparation for Halloween with a show honoring the godfather of grunge, Mr. Neil Young. Philly indie rockers Song Dogs will be joined members or fellow locals Study Electricity and Tin Horses will play a mix of deep cuts and big hits from Neil Young’s varied catalog. The concert is held at The Grape Room in Manayunk and the hosts suggest dressing in your very best ripped jeans and flannel or take it up a notch and pick a themed costume based on your favorite Neil Young lyric or song, i.e. moon, old man, cinnamon girl, etc. For more info on the show click here.

Turn back the clock for some Halloween fun at PhilaMOCA on Saturday night beginning with the year 1994, which will be the focus of Lithuania’s Lollapalooza cover show where they will be performing as Smashing Pumpkins, Beastie Boys and Green Day just to name a few. They will be joined by other ‘90s and early aughts favorites Gin Blossoms (played by members of XPN favorites Mercury Girls and A Sunny Day in Glasgow), Limp Bizkit (performed by Mercury Girls, Rocket Cat, Laser Background and Garfunkel + Garfunkel), Blink-182 by Congenital Death, The Kinks by Laser Background and last but not least Built To Spill performed by The Frontyards. Click here for more information on the show and feel free to dress as your favorite band.

If your looking for the most star-studded Halloween event in Philly this weekend, look no further than Milkboy Philly where none other than Beyonce, Joan Jet, Pink Floyd and The Traveling Wilburys will grace the stage. Of course it will also be a good show if you are a fan of Vita and the Woolf, Pilkington, The Orange Drop and The Captain The Pilot Driver (who will be in costume as some musical legends I may or may not have already mentioned). Click here for more information on Saturday’s show.

Some more local bands that need your attention will be rockin’ in costume on Saturday night at the Hong Kong Garden. Playing first is a band we have been keeping an eye on for a while now, the recently-reunited Joy Again (formerly known as Forever Lesbians) who will be performing as the cult-favorite Neutral Milk Hotel. They will be joined by Nirvana, Green Day and Devo (performed by Pet, Blue Smiley and Seismic Thrust respectively) along with an awesome rendition of Kate Bush from the indie-folk group Friendship. Head over the event’s Facebook page for more information on the show.

Now that you know the full slate of cover shows going on this weekend, go throw on your makeshift costume and get out there to support some truly impressive local bands going out for Halloween as other bands.

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