XPN MusicNotes: VP Biden supports Bruce Springsteen for President, The Roots back out of Bowie tribute

Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band
Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band | Photo by Cameron Pollack | cameronpollackphotography.com

If you could vote for a musician for President of the United States, for whom would you vote? Vice President Joe Biden says his choice for “The Boss” is clear.

Asked in a new interview with Billboard on his “It’s On Us” initiative to end sexual assault on college campuses, he was asked which musician would make the best President of the United States, Vice President Biden said he would support Bruce Springsteen.

Biden said-

“The middle class would have the best chance with Springsteen, because he understands issues facing working Americans.”

Also in the interview Vice President Biden said he likes to listen to the music of Ray Charles, Coldplay, KD Lang & Tina Turner on long commutes.  Read the entire interview here.

For what it’s worth, Springsteen turned down an opportunity to run for New Jersey senate in 1998, but in 2008 performed at a campaign rally for Barrack Obama. Watch video below.

The Roots have pulled out of their scheduled appearances at a pair of David Bowie tribute concerts in NYC, tonight and tomorrow, over some “shared equipment issues.”


Questlove | Photo by John Vettese
Questlove | Photo by John Vettese

Via Instagram Questlove says neither The Roots, Kimbra or Bilal will play the shows, citing the “bitchassness” of others as the reason for their decision.  Apparently another act(s) won’t share stage equipment.

He wrote:

“I’ve never been so insecure or petty as to deny a fellow musician use of any of my equipment (or my band’s equipment or resources or contacts or knowledge or anything) it angers me when that same courtesy is not reciprocated.  Enjoy your precious equipment.”

See Questlove’s complete Instagram below.

Patti Smith, Pixies, Cat Power and Debbie Harry will play the first David Bowie tribute show tonight at Carnegie Hall, while REM’s Michael Stipe, Mumford and Sons, Blondie and Cat Power will perform at the second show- tomorrow night at Radio City Music Hall..

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