XPN MusicNotes: See Dave Grohl’s daughter play drums with Foo Fighters, read lyrics to George Harrison’s “Hey Ringo”

Foo Fighters | Firefly | Photo by Joe del Tufo | http://www.joedeltufo.com/

How about this for a rock-n-roll “Father’s Day Special” this weekend: Dave Grohl brought his 8-year-old daughter Harper onstage to play drums with the Foo Fighters at their show at Iceland’s Secret Solstice Festival. Watch some great fan videos below.

According to reports George Harrison’s wife Olivia found some lyrics written by her late husband, hidden inside a piano bench. These included a song  called “Hey Ringo” from 1970.

The lyrics include the lines:

“Hey Ringo, now I want you to know, that without you, my guitar plays far too slow” and “I’ve heard no drummer who can play it quite like you!”

Olivia Harrison gave a copy of the lyrics “Hey Ringo” to Ringo Starr who said he had never known about the song. George Harrison left behind lots of notebooks with songs in them, many of them unfinished. Olivia Harrison also says she believes that George had recorded music for “Hey Ringo” on a home cassette. Read more here.

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