XPN MusicNotes: Watch a Foo Fighters fan join Dave Grohl onstage and shred on “Monkey Wrench”

Foo Fighters | Firefly | Photo by Joe del Tufo | http://www.joedeltufo.com/

“Come on kid, get on up here right now…are you sure you can play it?”- Dave Grohl to wannabe Foo Fighter

It’s every rock & roll fan’s dream to play alongside their heroes on stage, but few are up to the task…unless you’re some guy named Joey and your hero is Dave Grohl & the Foo Fighters.

The Foo Fighters were performing in Brisbane, Australia last Thursday when Dave invited one lucky fan on-stage to perform with the band. 22-year-old Joey McClennan was holding a sign in the audience asking to play “Monkey Wrench.”

Dave Grohl saw it, and the rest is history. Watch “Joey” tear it up below.

So who is this Australian, Dave Grohl mini-me named “Joey”? Find out below.

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