Nobody’s “Standing In Place” during a Mo Lowda & the Humble show

Mo Lowda and the Humble | photo by Dylan Eddinger for WXPN |

Friday night, Philly rockers Mo Lowda & the Humble played a sold-out show at Johnny Brenda’s to continue celebrating their latest release, 2018’s Creatures LP. Known for their energetic sound paired with anthemic vocals and heavy-alt rock influences, Mo Lowda is a Philly hometown rock and roll staple, and this was their last show before embarking on a European tour at the end of the month.

The night’s setlist featured mostly tracks off Creatures, with the ominous opening music that was “Creature 1” quickly transitioned into “Card Shark” as the band took the stage. The feeling from the crowd was one of complete anticipation. The place was packed and Mo Lowda clearly has lots of love surrounding them. Filled with echoing, effervescent guitar riffs and gritty, writhing vocals — both courtesy of Jordan Caiola — the set was all sorts of heavy. Right from the start, these guys had the crowd hooked. The crowd sang along to the chorus of “Card Shark” with stadium-levels of enthusiasm, and — if it’s even possible — got more amped up for the following hit “Standing In Place.” This one was all over the airwaves when the band was teasing Creatures. It was impossible to stand still during this one, just as they intended.

Mo Lowda and the Humble | photo by Dylan Eddinger for WXPN |

Other notable tracks of the night were “6/7,” “The Way Home,” and “Curse the Weather,” off 2013’s LP of the same name, which was a quick change of pace in the setlist. There’s a palpable level of grit among all three musicians. They’re not a wannabe rock band. They very much are a rock band, with little amount of pop influence to be found in their sound. It was a refreshingly authentic show.

Mo Lowda and the Humble | photo by Dylan Eddinger for WXPN |

For the last three songs, Mo Lowda was joined onstage for a guitar cameo by their photographer Kirby Sybert, who also fronts the band Kirby & the Vibe Tribe and plays in Ali Awan’s band. They ended the night with “Where the Whitetails Go” and slowed everything down for a jam-style groovy way to close the show.

Mo Lowda & the Humble return to Philly for an April 6th show at Boot & Saddle, as well as a Friday slot at Firefly Music Festival on June 21st.

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