XPN’s Gotta Hear Song of the Week: “Can’t Buy Happiness” by Tash Sultana

Tash Sultana | Photo by Rachel Del Sordo

Tash Sultana’s new song, “Can’t Buy Happiness” – written, performed and produced by Sultana – is the first new song they have released since their full length album, Flow State came out last year.

Starting out quietly with just the strum of an acoustic guitar, the song builds intensely up until the two minute mark when it fully explodes with epic-ness. Musically, it showcases a different side of Sultana’s songwriting. While the mesmerizing guitar loops and solos of some their previous work aren’t overtly in play here, there’s no shortage of passion and power in the song.

Tash returns to Philly on Friday, May 17th to The Met Philly. Below, listen to “Can’t Buy Happiness.”

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