Sheena, Anika and Augusta share “For Billy” from new EP Simple Pleasures

Sheena, Anika, and Augusta | photo by Katie Krulock | courtesy of the artist

The new collaboration of Sheena, Anika, and Augusta have announced that they’ll release their debut EP Simple Pleasures next month. The supergroup trio of Sheena Ozzella of Lemuria, Anika Pyle of Katie Ellen and Chumped, and Augusta Koch of Cayetana and Gladie announced the new project a few months ago, after a weekend spent recording in the Poconos resulted in the four-track EP. Their label, Asian Man Records, writes on Facebook, “This is the perfect example of music done for the right reasons, in the right conditions, and with the right people. Best friends enjoying the process of creating together.” Continue reading →


PorchFest returns to South Wayne

photo courtesy of South Wayne PorchFest

PorchFest, a concept that’s increasingly popular in cities across the country, will return to the suburb of South Wayne for the third year in a row. On September 14, the community will close off five residential blocks to traffic and transform the neighborhood into an outdoor music venue, using porches as their stages to host more than 60 local acts. Continue reading →


XPN presents Woodstock — As It Happened — 50 Years On

John Sebastian at Woodstock | photo by Henry Diltz

On August 15, 1969, at 5:07 p.m., Richie Havens took the stage at Max Yasgur’s Bethel, New York dairy farm, kicking off three days of peace and music. As we get ready to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Woodstock this month, we find that while the festival lives on in memory and mythology, it’s hard to imagine what it was really like if you weren’t one of the nearly half a million attendees.

To revisit Woodstock as it all went down, XPN will broadcast Woodstock — As It Happened — 50 Years On, a radio exclusive that includes all of the festival’s archived audio, from the music to the stage announcements to the rain delays. Continue reading →


Local scene vets Poppy return with Snakes of New Jersey

Poppy | via

If you were in or around the Philly music scene in the ’90s, then you’ll remember Poppy, the hard rock trio led by vocalist/guitarist Kate Campbell, with her husband Brian Campbell on bass and Craig Helm on drums. The newly reunited group made their return last year with Hand In the Lion’s Mouth, and just released another new EP, Snakes of New Jersey, which is out now on Bandcamp.

Poppy stayed close to home to make Snakes of New Jersey, recording at Fishtown’s Miner Street Recordings and working with producer/engineer Brian McTear. Across its three tracks you’ll hear the band revisit and build on their scrappy yet robust rock sound — recorded all in one day, it’s a testament to the strength of their 25-year history as a band. Continue reading →


Highnoon debuts with the lush indiepop set Semi Sweet

Highnoon | photo by Morganne Boulden | via GoldFlakePaint

After sharing the single “Lens” a few weeks ago, Philly singer-songwriter Kennedy Freeman is back with their first full-length release as Highnoon. The nine-track album Semi Sweet is out now on Bandcamp; produced by Soft Idiot’s Justin Roth, it’s a lush collection of soft bedroom pop that introduces Highnoon as one of Philly’s best new acts.

In their first interview as Highnoon, Freeman spoke to GoldFlakePaint‘s Tom Johnson about the process of writing music and establishing the new project. A graduate of Temple University, Freeman became familiar with the local music scene while in college, before picking up a guitar and starting to write their own songs. Alex G covers and voice memo demos soon gave way to the fully recorded songs you hear on Semi Sweet. Continue reading →


Field Mouse imagines the end of the world in “Black Hole, Son”

Field Mouse | photo by Katie Krulock | courtesy of the artist

Before they release their new album Meaning in a few weeks, Field Mouse shared a third single, “Black Hole, Son.” The infectious pop-driven song is deceptively upbeat — it’s all sunshine and shimmery beats until you realize that vocalist/songwriter Rachel Browne is singing about the end of the world. Continue reading →


Free at Noon Flashback: The Seratones bring some afternoon power to World Cafe Live

The Seratones | photo by Makena Duffy for WXPN

Southern rockers The Seratones re-introduced themselves to Philadelphia this afternoon, ahead of the release of their new album Power later this month. Energized by the three and a half cups of coffee frontwoman A.J. Haynes said she drank this morning, the Louisiana band opened with “Gotta Get to Know Ya,” the new album’s lead single which XPN listeners are already familiar with. Continue reading →


Listen to Slaughter Beach, Dog’s new album Safe And Also No Fear

Slaughter Beach, Dog | photo by Jess Flynn | courtesy of the artist

When the beloved local band Modern Baseball dissolved two years ago, frontman Jake Ewald’s occasional side project Slaughter Beach, Dog became his main gig, and the project’s rise came with a built-in fanbase of MoBo devotees. But with the release of Slaughter Beach, Dog’s third album, Safe And Also No Fear, this Friday, Ewald taken a bigger leap beyond the emo and pop-punk that defined his old band, and this time it feels like he’s cemented the project as its own fully-established band — and one that’s going to stick around for awhile. Continue reading →


Sleater-Kinney shares The Center Won’t Hold‘s fourth single “Can I Go On”

Sleater-Kinney | photo by Nikko LaMere | courtesy of the artist

The road leading up to the release of Sleater-Kinney‘s new record The Center Won’t Hold has been a rocky one, to say the least. After the sudden departure of drummer Janet Weiss from the band, its remaining members Carrie Brownstein and Corin Tucker have carried on with promoting the St. Vincent-produced record, and as the release date inches closer they’ve shared a fourth single, “Can I Go On.”

“Can I Go On” touches on the personal and political themes we hear throughout The Center Won’t Hold, exploring the seeming commonness of existential despair as Brownstein sings, “Maybe I’m not sure I wanna go on at all.” It’s dark, but musically more lightweight and upbeat than your typical Sleater-Kinney song. Watch the lyric video below. Continue reading →