King Princess releases a feverish video for “Prophet”

King Princess | still from video

King Princess videos are consistently delirious, dreamlike, and fiercely bizarre, but in the best way possible. As someone who keeps up to date with her releases, and therefore is familiar with her wild antics, they do lose a bit of the initial shock value over time. Nonetheless, her artistic vision is still not lost on avid listeners.

Earlier this summer, King Princess released the track “Prophet,” a song much darker and serious than other recent singles like “Cheap Queen.” The chorus of the tune channels the energy of a deep obsession as she sings “’Cause I can only think about you and what it’s like to walk around you and why they like to talk about you.”  While other artists might pair a song of this nature with a more overtly sinister video, King Princess takes a playful approach. Continue reading →


Oldest Sea’s Orange Glow is like a soothing deep breath

Oldest Sea | via

If a song stops you in your tracks and forces you to really listen to it, you know that it’s a great song. On her latest project, Orange Glow, New Jersey’s Oldest Sea present four really great songs. Pulling from Americana and sparse singer-songwriter tropes, Oldest Sea crafts songs that are gripping, soothing, and beautiful.

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The Key Studio Sessions: American Trappist

In a sense, American Trappist is the project of a single person: New Jersey’s Joe Michelini. He’s a rock and roll singer-guitarist who led the blog-popular collective River City Extension in his 20s, and more recently refocused his song-craft and existential dread into records like last year’s great Tentanda Via, which is as cathartic as it is uplifting.

But American Trappist is also very much a band, as we see in this week’s Key Studio Session, and to whatever extent Michelini is a blossoming producer (he recorded the most recent album by The Vernes at his home base of Berlin Studios) and the visionary behind the songs (though we’re reasonably sure he’s too humble to embrace the term”visionary”), it’s the skill and chemistry of his bandmates Shane Luckenbaugh on drums, Max Kulicke on guitar, and Lewie II on bass that brings the music to life. Continue reading →


Listen to Forgotten Bottom’s striking debut Hostile Architecture

Forgotten Bottom | courtesy of the artist

Whether or not we know what it is, we have all seen examples of “hostile architecture.” It is defined as a design trend through which public spaces are altered to inhibit inappropriate use. The most glaring examples of it are bench dividers that discourage the homeless from sleeping in public or spikes that limit where birds can nest. On their debut tape, Philly experimental duo Forgotten Bottom tackle this concept and the ways in which the city has changed throughout their lives. As a viola and bouzouki drone duo, Forgotten Bottom’s music is instrumental, intriguing, and deeply affecting.
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Sheena, Anika and Augusta share “For Billy” from new EP Simple Pleasures

Sheena, Anika, and Augusta | photo by Katie Krulock | courtesy of the artist

The new collaboration of Sheena, Anika, and Augusta have announced that they’ll release their debut EP Simple Pleasures next month. The supergroup trio of Sheena Ozzella of Lemuria, Anika Pyle of Katie Ellen and Chumped, and Augusta Koch of Cayetana and Gladie announced the new project a few months ago, after a weekend spent recording in the Poconos resulted in the four-track EP. Their label, Asian Man Records, writes on Facebook, “This is the perfect example of music done for the right reasons, in the right conditions, and with the right people. Best friends enjoying the process of creating together.” Continue reading →


David Crosby & The Lighthouse Band showcase true musicianship at NPR’s Tiny Desk

David Crosby | Still from video

David Crosby has an undeniably youthful spirit. He has to considering his backing group, The Lighthouse Band, consists of musicians some 30 to 40 years younger than him: bassist Michael League, keyboardist Michelle Willis, and guitarist Becca Stevens. This week, Crosby and The Lighthouse Band brought a stellar set to NPR Music’s Tiny Desk Concerts. Continue reading →


Cold Soul bring low-key energy on “Sad Girl Hours”

Cold Soul | via Facebook

Cold Soul are a four piece Philly indie rock group with a smooth sound reminiscent of Clairo and Cuco. On their new single “Sad Girl Hours,” the group delivers a strong tune about heartbreak and trying to piece yourself together after hard times.

Comprised of vocalist Rachel Nakshian, bassist Owen Kirchner, drummer Dontres Davis, and lead guitarist Himanya Behl, the quartet hold down an intoxicating groove as Nakshian’s airy vocals guide the track. The music intensifies, then crescendos into a wild chorus. Nakshian’s vocals are still at the forefront, but her bandmates is brought up to the same intensity. Continue reading →