Clairo to bring Immunity to Wells Fargo and Union Transfer

Clairo | photo by Hart Leshkina | via

Though it was released barely a year after her debut EP, Clairo’s debut album, Immunity, demonstrates a great leap in maturity. Immunity replaces diary’s wry lyrics and bedroom production with sophisticated storytelling and enigmatic soundscapes. This coming Sunday, August 11th, Clairo will open for Khalid at the Wells Fargo Center. Later this fall, Clairo will head out on a headlining tour. Clairo will bring Immunity to Union Transfer on Thursday, November 7th with Beadadoobe and Hello Yello. Continue reading →


Cold Soul bring low-key energy on “Sad Girl Hours”

Cold Soul | via Facebook

Cold Soul are a four piece Philly indie rock group with a smooth sound reminiscent of Clairo and Cuco. On their new single “Sad Girl Hours,” the group delivers a strong tune about heartbreak and trying to piece yourself together after hard times.

Comprised of vocalist Rachel Nakshian, bassist Owen Kirchner, drummer Dontres Davis, and lead guitarist Himanya Behl, the quartet hold down an intoxicating groove as Nakshian’s airy vocals guide the track. The music intensifies, then crescendos into a wild chorus. Nakshian’s vocals are still at the forefront, but her bandmates is brought up to the same intensity. Continue reading →


Charli XCX is collaborating with your favorite artists on her new album; maybe she’ll bring a few of them to Union Transfer

Charli XCX | photo by Marcus Cooper | courtesy of the artist

The road to Charli XCX‘s third album has been long and winding. Her last official album, Sucker, came out in 2014 and since then it has felt like Charli was just as eager to get another out as her fans were. In Fall 2015 Charli canceled her joint tour with Bleachers in order to get started on the record. In late January 2016 she posted on Instagram claiming that she was going to finish recording the record that week. Less than a month later she released not an album, but an EP. Vroom Vroom was produced by SOPHIE and PC Music’s AG Cook and marked Charli’s first foray into the hyper-digital pop world. By the time 2017 rolled around it seemed as if the album would never materialize. Charli had put out some singles but they didn’t seem to go anywhere or lead to anything.

Then suddenly in March 2017, Charli dropped Number 1 Angel, the first of two sublime mixtapes. Angel and its successor Pop 2 are collaboration-filled pop masterpieces. They brought Charli a devoted cult following, largely made up of LGBTQ individuals. While riding high on the mixtapes’ success, dozens of tracks, rumored to have been intended for an album, leaked online. Since the leaks Charli has spoken publicly about how devastated they made her and how they stripped her of her desire to ever make an album. Summer 2018 saw Charli releasing a series of singles, including the Troye Sivan featuring “1999”. Now, three years after it was assumed to arrive, Charli is finally and officially coming on September 13th.

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Made In America round two was a mixed bag, but Kendrick Lamar, Miguel and Alessia Cara saved the day

Kendrick Lamar | photo by John Vettese for WXPN

On paper, the second day of this year’s Made In America festival was the stronger lineup — it had Kendrick, Nicki, Pusha, Miguel, and those were just the top-billed names. The way it played out was a bit different, with equipment malfunctions (and wardrobe malfunctions) scattered across the day. It felt at a point like we were alternating between artists who had their act incredibly together, and those who did not, and though it was a mixed bag, it was a lot of fun to sort through. Here’s what we heard and saw.
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20 artists you didn’t realize are playing Made In America this weekend

Saba | photo by Tom Vin | via NPR Music

It’s less than 24 hours till the official kickoff of the seventh annual Made In America festival, and while we’re extremely excited to see headliners Janelle Monae, Kendrick Lamar, Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill over the next couple days, we’re equally excited for the reliably vibrant festival undercard. We dug into the lineup to see what surprises it contained; many of the artists in this list were new to us, many we know and love and had no idea they were in the mix. Read on, and see you on the Parkway this weekend!  Continue reading →