Chuck van Zyl reissues The Xyl File 25 years later

Chuck Van Zyl | photo via Bandcamp

Stars End host and electronic music explorer Chuck van Zyl is circling back around to a cassette tape he released in 1991, reissuing it with added tracks digitally and on CD via local label Industry8. Over the course of seven compositions The Xyl File travels the multi-faceted realm of futuristic music that is as mind-opening today as it was 25 years ago.

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Pure Rage: Helmet, Local H play a cathartic, post-election gig at World Cafe Live

Helmet | photo by Joe Del Tufo / Moonloop Photography for WXPN | <A href= target="_blank"></a>
Helmet | photo by Joe Del Tufo / Moonloop Photography for WXPN |

Last night saw a massive heavy double bill with 90s cult faves Local H and Helmet at World Cafe Live, of all places. The former came out roaring with their mix of punk and 90s grunge that set a high bar for energy and got the standing crowd moving. Vocalist/guitarist Scott Lucas was on point, ripping through favorites like “That’s What They All Say,” “High Fiving MF” and “Hands On The Bible.” Amazing sound for a two-piece and some of the best lighting I’ve seen in the venue.

Helmet was the main fare and not having seen them since 1992 (a co-bill with L7 at The Troc), I had no idea what to expect. Page Hamilton, the founder / vocalist / guitarist, is famously not your standard frontman for a metal band. He plays a very technical, mathematical jazz-influenced guitar sound that reminds me of classic Black Sabbath played by a Berklee alum with passive-aggressive issues. Continue reading →