Jam out to RFA’s album recording of the earnest rocker “Suzie Lee”

RFA | Photo By Noah Silvestry |

There’s something about having names in song titles that lead to great tunes. From “Valerie” and “Come On, Eileen” to “Hey Jude” or “Billie Jean,” these iconic songs all address a specific person — or at least a feeling or memory personified into a specific person. Whether or not a song’s namesake is actually based off a real human is unknown, but what is known is that incorporating names into songs seems to make them incredibly more tangible and relatable, and a lot of times, just produces some really amazing tracks.

Lovable local basement rockers RFA add to this canon of name-in-title greats with their release of single, “Suzie Lee,”  which was recently premiered via Alt Citizen. We became enamored with the catchy croon when the lads previewed it live for their Out of Town Films video series, and so of course we’re psyched as heck about the official recording as well. Continue reading →